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Oct 16, 2008
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Morning Geeks

Just a quick question which i can't find the answer to after looking on here.

My paraffin wax pots seem to be too hot for clients to dip there hands or feet into(seperate one for hands and feet), however I have not turned them up and have been leaving the lid off of them. My foot wax bath is at it's lowest setting if i turn it any more it is off. They are also both filled to the maximum line. I have had them foe two to three years.

Is any one else exceprincing this? Or is it time to get new ones? If so has any one used the spray wax system as this looks very intresting to me?


I do find the same thing with parafin wax, I find that it feels too hot for the first few seconds but doesnt actually burn, i have tried it myself numerous times. This is not me being negligent but it feels too hot but actually isnt....if that makes sense??:confused:
I had the same problems all the time, so i ended up painting it on.....
I have used the spray wax cartridges at college and I found these really good. I haven't used them since but I'm not offering paraffin wax at the minute as I'm only just setting up.

My clients liked these as I could spray as it was cooling down, and if an area was able to take the wax a little hotter I sprayed there first. I always wrapped hands/feet in plastic liners, towelling mitts/booties and heated mitts/booties and they LOVED it!!

Never used wax pots so I can't really help you there I'm afraid.
I would always paint it on with a 2" brush, and build up to 3 layers.
It feels much nicer for the client too.
I find switching it off altogether about 10 mins before they put their hands or feet in does the trick. The heater I use still keeps the wax hot enough to do the job without being uncomfortable for the client x
Hi I turn mine of to then its warm but not hot :)
We don't dip our clients hands/feet into our pots. We scoop the paraffin into paraffin bags for them to put their hands/feet into.

It's not only more sanitary but also allows me to cool off the paraffin before they put their appendages into hot wax =P

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