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sharon h

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Oct 3, 2007
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Hi everyone,
I have just finished my paraffin wax course and used the paraffin bath wax system and the Hive spray cartridges system. The spray system caused too much mess and did not go on thick enough. The paraffin bath I purchased from the trainer heats the wax to 60c+ when on high, I switch the dial to low but after 2 hours the wax is still at 60c+ which is too hot to put my clients hands in. Can anyone recommend a wax bath to use which I can dip hands and feet into for my salon plus has anyone had any success with the Hive spray cartidge system as my husband brought me one as a suprise!!!!:Love:
I would write or email the hive company and explain what is happening, they may have a solution to your problem.
when i had a go with the spray system at the manchester show it was such a tidy thing to use you have to spray close enough so it doesnt spray everyware.
hope that helps
Is'nt "dipping" hands and feet considered to be a health & safety issue- far better to brush on I believe.
I was taught never to dip because of health and safety and always to brush it on or, if you can, spray.

thank you for your replies x

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