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Aug 12, 2003
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Hi again! I'm trying to find out what equipment you need to perfrom pedis. I start my pedi course on the 17th Sep but am in the process of sorting out some bits I need to order for my manis and thought I may as well get the stuff I need for the pedis.

I will be using Creative Spa Pedicure but I don't know what equipment I need, like what I use to get rid of hard/dry skin. There seem to be alot of hard skin removers but how do you know which are the best types to use?

Also which toenail clippers are the best to use.

I suppose I should wait until college starts but I want to get the pukka stuff to use so if anyone can help I'd be grateful.

You could try a SpaPedicure kit... It has everything you need except for trimmers, a rasp, and the smoother.
Designer Nails stocks some of the best toe nail trimmers I have ever used as well as the rasp and the Callous Smoother.
The kit also contains a video that walks you through the process.
you can call and ask about it on 0113-275-5719 in the UK or 1-800-833-NAIL in the US.

Hope this helps
hi ya tamm i have the spa pedicure kit and its the business hun! you'll fall in love with it ! the video is great and covers everything you need to know about giving a spa pedicure treatment i def recommend it! :D
nickki jonesx
Thanks again guys. :) I already looooove the Spa Manicure and can't wait to get the Spa Pedicure! I've got to wait a bit for the large kit that gives you everything but was thinking of the mini tote to start with whilst I'm doing the pedi course at college does that give you all you need for a basic pedi?

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