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Sep 12, 2007
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hi there i've got my pedicure exam in jan(just after xmas) and the tutor has given me some revision notes although i'm struck on three questions question 1 explain the apperance of a correctly shaped toe nail? 2 How do you adapt teh foot and leg massage to accomodate a male and 3 explain the appearance to a reaction of a base coat? if theres anyone out there who could help me it would be very well appericated. Thanks
The appearance of the nail - any contra-indications present, nail shape, condition, ridges or damage etc, how does the nail look, is there anything with regards to the appearance that may affect the treatment or outcome.

Males tend to require a firmer massage, if hairy you may opt for talc rather than oil, less fragranced oils or creams, no coloured enamels etc

Reaction to base - enamel colour reacts with base, uneven colour, texture etc.

Hope this helps

agree totally with sas! but the first question 'a correctly shaped toe nail'?? does that mean how they *should* look after a pedi or is it asking you to identify CI's etc? cos toe nails, like finger nails, come in all diff shapes & sizes and what is normal for one person might not be normal for another :)
hi there, the answer to the question on massage has helped i thought you may use talc on a male but was unsure so didn't want to write that down incase it was wrong. Thw question on the shape of teh toe nails is really what shape they should be after the pedi is completed. is it sqaure???
Toe nails should be cut straight. This is to avoid the risk of an ingrowing toe nail.

All this information would normally be in your course book or have been covered in your class. Which book are you using?

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