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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the white and pink Perfect Colour Powders and the clear?

I had to do two nails for an interview last week. I had to do one pink and white and the other clear. The pink and white was fine, but my clear beads were far too wet. They didn't keep shape at all. I felt as tho my brush was slopping in sludge rather than working with a bead. It also took a lot longer to set than the pink and white. :shock:

I had another practice last night and no matter how dry I try to work the bead is always too wet with no body. :?

Is the clear powder meant to be like this or am I doing something wrong?

Your help is appreciated.

Can anyone help???

A friend of mine asked for one colour nails, so I tipped them and used the Perfect Colour Powder in clear. The bead looked fine on the brush, but as soon as I started working with it it became very runny. :(

Does anyone have any ideas???

hi there i think that this is the answer (dont kill me if its wrong) it is wet because the difference between the clear and the others is it does'nt have any pigmant in ,that is what i was told when i did my course because i noticed the same thing , i think the only way to get round it is to try and work really dry ,hope this helps good luck.
Hi Dee,

That does make sense about the pigment.

No matter how dry I try to work as soon as I start to press the bead into place it turns into a messy puddle. Guess I'll just have to keep practising. :?

Thanks for the reply.

Your brush has too much liquid in it if when pressing the bead it changes the mix.

You know the mix is right when it feels right and the ratio does not change just because the bead is clear. Start with a drier brush than normal rather than trying to make a drier bead with the same amount of liquid as normal.

You have to know when the bead looks and feels right because not every powder does work the same. Learn to see when it is right and you will become more adaptable to changes that can affect mix ratio such as temperature and using different powders.
Thanks Geeg! :D

That is a help - I'll try working with a dryer brush.

Thank you!

hiya karen
i use perfect colour clear a LOT!
if anyone has seen the nails i wear, they have solid colour on the nail beds(different colours 4 different occasions!), & clear ends usually with small amounts of trapped glitter.
i customised this technique 4 my nails as i have naturally short nail beds, & the problem with trad. pink & white is they always look like they're growing out on my nails.
the reverse technique disguises the problem & is guarenteed to generate conversation, even at sainsbury's till!
i'm in the middle of writing the step by step to go with the photo shoot i did ages ago for this procedure.
it will appear in one of the nail mag's soon, will let you know soon.
sorry, i digressed slightly :oops:
when you get the ratio right, clear is beautiful to work with.
geeg is right, dryer brush, the ultra sculptor is my fave for the above procedure as i usually need large beads & a dryer, smaller brush might struggle.
persevere, you will soon enjoy it as a product :D
lol liza xx
Hi Liza

You say you have solid colour on the nail beds and clear on the tips, I was wondering if you could help me, I posted a message just before Excel saying that I have done my first full set of colour. :) However the colour did not end up true over the whole nail, :? where each zone meets looked darker, creating lines. :rolleyes: How do I avoid this look? I will have to infill the set shortly and would like to prevent the same mistake occuring again. :huh:

Ta Julie
hiya julie
which colour did you use?
so far i've had black, perfect colour white, twilight, & pink.
apart from the pink, all the others work well enough on their own, & buff up beautifully :D
the new metro powders are also a dream to work with.
however, when you have mixed the mozaic powders or you do a colour fade with the metro powders, i've discovered that it's better to apply a thin coat of perfect colour clear over entire nail.
this stops you fileing into the colour(s). this is usually to blame for the difference in tone.
also, if possible, use an ultra-sculptor brush & try for a large bead that covers most of zones 2&3. finish with a v.small bead in zone 3 if you have to.
as with most problems mix ratio is the key, & i would suggest you do lots of test beads on tips to gauge the colour mixes.
one last thing, matt colours are the hardest to work with, so an idea is to mix your chosen colour, then mix with twilight which you might find easier to work with while you keep your chosen colour :D
let us know how you get on
lol liza xx
Hi Liza

Thanks for your suggestions, :) I am usin Ezflow glitter powders, the colours all seem to work with a different 'feel'. So I will try using a bigger bead for zone 2 and try to level it thinner, then cap with clear to give strength at the apex.

Cant wait to order the new metro colours, unfortunately I didnt make it to Excel :( , but will be visiting the One stop nail shop in Salisbury this week.

Lots of thanks

hiya julie
i suggest you make sure that you use the compatable liquid with the relative powders.
i.e retention + or radical with mozaics/metro & ez-flow liquid with ez-flow powders.
my instructions were ok with creative liquids & powders.
i played with a few different coloured powders b4 creative launched mozaics & metro.
i found them ok for small detailed designs, but when i used them on larger areas like my nails, i found them patchy as you did. :?
mayb anthony can offer some advice on consistency with block matt colours with ez-flow powders for you.
let me know how you get on with metro :D
lol liza xx
Hi Liza

I got my metro powders! :D Yeah they are great. :) I love the silver one. Cant wait to use that as you suggested on my own tips. I am mixing creative liquid with Ezflow powders, ( Ezflow is supposed to be compatible with all liquids I thought.) so it could be causing my mixed result.

Julie XX
hey, if your having a problem with our matte powders, try using then a little wetter and very quickly bend then out if needed. the difference in colouration happens because they are in a white base (gemstones/pastel- solid designs/detail)and too much monomer can cause the colors to dilute and split as the white base is a very strong colour, rather than clear (earthstones/rainbow-colour fades/animal print) the effect you want to achieve depends on the powder you use. if you would like more info onthis please feel free to contact me anytime.

now the monomer, we do indeed say any monomer can be used with our artist powders. that is because our chemists have devised it that way. as lisa and geeg have said though, they do not recomend that you use creative monomer with our powders. i have tried it and it seems to work ok but i dont know the long term effects until i check with head office!!!! for best results use q monomer. this will give you the best acrylic mix for ezflow.

saying that though, the new design sculpture colletions from ezflow have less problems with 'splitting'. please pm me and let me know what the problem is. i will help you all i possibly can

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