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Mar 2, 2004
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Leeds, West Yorks
Don't suppose anyone can tell me if they use Permagloss?? I'm just starting out mobile and last week had the chance to sit in in a salon for the afternoon and basically was told...'Don't Buff-Why waste time'? Apparantly this gloss is a perm fixture that you charge extra for.

Any ideas??
I've used this a few times and the result was a nice shiny top coat effect but to be perfectly honest it was a lot easier in the long run for me to buff the nails as by the time i'd got my lamp out (not enough space for it to be a permanent fixture on my desk), prepped the nails for permagloss and got the permagloss on and cured I'd have finished buffing anyway. I decided why pay for a product that isn't saving me any time so I don't bother using it any more!
I have used gel top coats on top of acrlics but personally like to buff acrylics to a super dooper shine!

I offer a gel top coat and recommend it for my customers who like to wear very deep coloured polishes and like to change the colours often themselves. I find by doing this they find it easier to take off the old polish as they can still use acetone and it won't effect the acrylic nail. I charge an extra £5 for this service!
Do I need a UV lamp to cure then??:o
Hi.......... yes, you'll need a UV light to cure Permagloss. I used to use it over the airbrushed nail art I did, but found it a little too thick for my liking. I think a thin coat of clear finishing gel probably does the job just as well.


I use the light box gel from doesn't need a prep you just paint it over the top of your product and cure for 2 goes on very thin and i found it didn't shrink, even though it goes on thin. It doesn't loose it's shinyness and i wouldn't be without also goes over the top off polish or nail art......lasts ages too:biggrin:
I used to use Permagloss myself but found that after just a couple of days, it would seem to chip and look really dirty around the edges. It also takes quite a bit of time and would just prefer to buff to high shine nowadays - Quick and easy to do and lasts for yonks! :biggrin:
Just want to back up what Lily said, the best I have used by far, is the Lightbox powerseal by Nailorder. It is priced at £10.95 and will do at least 30-40 sets of nails. It never causes me any problems, is extremely thin so does not add any bulk, but gives a fabulous high gloss shine that lasts until the client's next visit.

Thanks everyone. Think I'll leave the Permagloss alone. The Light box might be an option later though.

i had the chance to try the new quattro UV top coat from star nails a few months ago on a training day, and it was really nice, not like the old Quattro, that was thick and went on patchy if you didn't put it on thick enough. this new one is thin as varnish, cure under uv light in 2 or 3 mins (can't remember which) no shrinkage and no inhibition layer to wipe off. gave a lovely shine that lasted, i think you can get a free tester out of the last nail mag (Big Advert)
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