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Mar 1, 2006
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north east
Hi everyone,

I'm really wanting to do a permanent make-up course sometime perhaps next year BUT

after researching etc there seems to be loads of pmu schools offering training and absolutely loads of techs offering the service...

My concerns are that with the schools offering these courses to absolutely anyone with a potential high return (which I have discovered is slow) then are we facing a situation where there will be too many techs chasing too few clients...afterall pmu has a very small take-up (unless you have been doing it years now and have carved out a name for yourself)

Is it just the training companies who are going to profit from it and the students to struggle?

I may be just being negative here but the amount of companies offering this training is putting me right off...

We can compare with nails and how many courses are avail but the amount of potenetial nail clients out there is countless. Also nails are very affordable these days... and with only a return pmu client of every 3 years the building up of your reputation is going to take absolutely years (which I do have the time for). But as in nails I can forsee the cowboys jumping on board let loose on the public after a 5 days training.(reguardless of how good the training is) I wrong here??

What do you think??:rolleyes:
You've made some valid points but it sounds to me as though you've already talked yourself out of it.

Permanent Make Up is a skill and an art form. If you feel passionate about it, then I'd say go for it. Aside from the training being very expensive, you also have insurance, licenses etc which are all very expensive.
I really really want to do it - have done for years & years and I think eventually I would be pretty good at it (I usually start of being pants at new skills but I practice till I am perfect)

I just worry that there won't be enough clients to go round - how can there be? I only know of 1 person out of all my clients and friends etc that has had their brows done and that was cos I told her to get them done.

I havent talked myself out of it yet - but slowly Im being put off - and dont want to be.

thanks for your reply brow queen.
Id be up for being a client, lol.

Just a thought, but if you did go for a permanent make up course and was finding clients hard to come by, you could offer your services to other salons as a visiting service like teethwhitening techs are doing at the minute.
I know that there is no permanent make up services on offer in my local area.. so I can see a clearing in the market at the minute.?? Just a thought.
you'd be surprised how many clients tell their friends about you if you do a good job!

i have now been doing permanent make up for over 7 years and have never had any trouble getting clients...i guess it depends on how you market yourself


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