permanent make-up=> which pmu device is the best on the market?


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Apr 16, 2007
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I am planning on starting with pmu next year and i have done lots of research but i feel that it doesn,t give me any insight in which equipment is the best.
They obviously all say that their pmu equipment is the best but i would like to purchase the best performing all-around pmu machine.

I thought that i could best ask everybody that has had experience with pmu.
In this way it would be easier to determin with who i would take my training aswell.

I am looking for one that is computer programmed and that has a safety handpiece on which i can put a large different variety of needles from 1 point to large 9 flat magnum needles for tattoos.

Everybodys opinion is more then welcome * even additional info that i haven,t mentioned here *
+ tell me why you think it is the best according to you and what i have to look out for.

There are so many that teach pmu now that i want to be carefull to which company i hand out this big amount of money so that i can feel safe that i get quality in return.

Thx :hug:
The Precision Plus is the best in my opinion. You can PM me if you'd like more info. xxx

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