Pink zebra nails


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
Don't know if this will work cos I'm crap at techno stuff but this is a pic of a set of acrylic nails I did with hand painted whacky two tone pink zebra stripes . . .

Oh no it's sooooooo big, what have I done!!!! :eek::eek::lol:

I don't get asked for much nail art so it was fun to do them! Just thought I'd share x
they are really cute hun well done xx
Very funky ... I like them.
those are so cool

well done
I Like those very much.
They are lovely hun
what colour have you used please?

I like it ... a lot xx
* Oh, I think those are Really Cute :hug:
oooooooh.... i like alot!:green:
I think they are really nicely done!
They are absolutely fun.
I love them. I would like them on my nails!!
ooh lush ! i like:green:
I think they are great.
Thanks for all your nice comments peeps!

what colour have you used please?

I like it ... a lot xx

I used OPI's "A Rose at Dawn ...Broke By Noon" shade for the base colour and did the stripes using Nubar's "Baby Girl Pink" striper nail art pen from the Spring Fling collection

Have also done a set similar in white with gold stripes - looked great too!
Did you do a course in nail art or self trained? I am jealous!
No, completely self taught. I take ideas from magazines etc and experiment with anything at all and just keep the ideas that work best

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