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Jan 11, 2003
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...Today we got a phone call from a lady called Estelle who used to have her nails done with Liza Smith! She has moved and has called us to recommend someone who will give her beautiful nail enhancements. Dannii has so far, sent her to two places and she is NOT happy. She insists that her nails be done by someone using CND!

Will anyone in the CR, RM, SE, DA post code area put themselves forward to help this woman!!! We would love to be able to give her an answer tomorrow!! Many thanks Geeks!! ;)
anyone at all???? please - anyone....:)
Oh Sam! I wish I could help - I certainly need the custom. Perhaps I should move back to Scotland - there are more nail technicians in Essex than anywhere else in the world I think and Scotland seems to be short of them!
Hi - it's Dannii - Sam's Pr Assistant - we're looking for techs in the Croydon, Kent, South East London, RH, DA, BR areas - none of these are in scotland - sorry if we didn't make this clear - can you help now??
Ruth's in London, What about her ;)
Hi, I live in Kent in the Sevenoaks Area, my postcode begins with TN (tonbridge) but i'm actually closer to Sevenoaks. I live about 20 minutes drive from Dartford.
Is this any good?
Hi Helen, fab - can i have your contact details please to pass on? Dannii.
hi all
estelle is a fantastic client!
she likes to wear her nails quite long, & she has been travelling to my salon for quite a few years now.
she used to come to us all the way from brighton, which is a 1.5-2hrs drive!
she has also done a foundation course with me, & was wanting to try to break into the nail industry.
i hope someone can help her as she LOVES her nails.
liza xx

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