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Apr 28, 2003
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I need help and advice on a problem pleeeeeze.
I have a client whose had fibreglass (she doesn`t want to try anything else) for about 18 months now. Every time I do an infill she for the most part has lost the odd 1. The last 2 infills she has lost 5 both times (last night was the 2nd time this happened). I am really concerned however, with her pinky on one hand. She told me that a week ago it hurt an awful lot for a while but now it doesn`t. It had a big white patch under the overlay so I took it off to investigate.
She obviously has nail separation which had started from the middle of the free edge and has now a very brittle nail with a brittle bubble of nail going up almost to the cuticle.
This lady has been on IVF treatment and has had a few problems with the treatment (and I`m happy to say she is pregnant for all her troubles) her skin on her face is really bad too, poor lady.
I am really concerned about her nail and as I`ve never come across it before and only really read about it, I would like to be reassured it isn`t anything I have done as the books I have got appear to give different explanations to the problem.
I know she is having health problems and its probably why she is losing so many nails each time too, but she has been a client for a long time and we`ve been successful so its a big knock to my confidence to have this happen to her.
I would also like to know what else I can do for her, she is already feeling down about how she feels medically, she doesn`t want to have bad looking nails as well.
..... don't let these kinds of things knock YOUR confidence when you are not having any problems like this with other clients!

Why do we women always take the blame for things on OUR shoulders! :?:

If you are a good nail technician you are not going to cause problems like this ... and by and large, from the way most technicians write on this board, they care alot about the health of the natural nails and try to take care of them. After all, our clients entrust the health of their natural nails to US! It is our responsibility to look after them.

I think you have very logically and with intelligence sussed out the problem. Her health is in a low state. Her nails may have thinned out because of this. Often happens in pregnancy. The thin plate is not supporting the overlay and the nail gave way.

She would be better with natural manicures and a good nail toughener which will help improve the appearance and the overall strength of her nails. Do not use a nail preparation with formaldehyde in it - this will only make her nails more britle.
Thanks geeg,
I thought I`d be able to count on you to make me feel better.
My immediate worry is the brittleness of her nail and where it has lifted off the bed, I feel she will catch it on everything and will end up sore. Is there something I can use to make it softer.
Well there is always the trusty friend of al nail technicians ... SolarOil,

but in this case I think if it was me, I would clean it really well, but no buffing ... apply a couple of coats of resin (no fibre) and using a very soft block or buffer, just smooth it so it doesn't catch and keep it short. The client can then use SolarOil every day ON ALL of her nails. It will still work its magic right through the resin.
Thanks again geeg, I`ll do that, I didn`t want to put anything over it but I just know it`ll cause her problems.
If when I go back to my client (she hasn`t rang me so can`t be having too much trouble) the bubble of nail plate has split open, can I still buff it smoothish and put a layer of resin over it even though there may be nail bed showing
Yes you can!

Ethyl cynoacrylate adhesive is designed to be used on the body and is widely used to close wounds etc in medical cirlces, so no worries if a little nail bed is showing or if indeed any adhesive touches the nail bed.

Buff as little as possible though. Cleaning it with your normal prep solution should be sufficient for this purpose.
Sounds like ... "so far so good"!
I had heard they used to use it in the war (probably the first world war considering the age of the lady who told me) but I wasn`t going to take it as gospel.
It certainly sounds like so far so good , my client would have phoned me if there was a problem, so keeping fingers crossed.
Thanks again
I have been there myself, having fertility treatment caused me problems with my nails and when I did get Pregnat I had problems still but when I had my son the problems stopped so there is light at the end of the tunnel for your client......please pass my congratulations onto her and wish her luck.
Thank you Leighanne,
I`ll pass that on to my client, I`m sure she`ll appreciate knowing it won`t always be bad for her
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