Pregnant women wanting spray tans


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Aug 19, 2010
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Hi Everybody, I am new to this site and was wondering if any of you have any information about pregnant women wanting spray tans. I have a regular client who has just found out she is 7 weeks pregnant but she would still like to be tanned throughout her pregnancy. I am a little reluctant as I don't really know whether it is OK to do it. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
With the brand that I use (Tantrick) I have found that it's absolutely fine spraying a pregnant woman.

Some people are often a bit reluctant to because the hormones in the body can very rarely cause a patchy effect or cause the colour to come out perhaps not as dark. Although this can all be the same for someone who is just on their period because of all the extra hormones.

I had spray tans all the time when I was pregnant and noticed no colour change/patchiness whatsoever.

My advice would be to let the client know that there COULD be A difference in the expected colour or patchiness but very unlikely, just to cover yourself.

If for some reason you think it may harm the baby, the DHA doesn't penetrate the skin deep enough.
as has already been said there is no harm in spray tanning anybody whos pregnant, however the results may vary from person to person, we have a freind who is due togive birth at any time, and she has had regular spray tans using our 10% solution throughout her pregnancy and the results have been perfect
I have been spray tanning for years, i have always sprayed pregnant clients and have never had a problem, (it boosts their confidence during time when they may feel fat or pale)..
You can offer them a mask to wear and take off to spray the face if you wish.
Its better than them sitting in the sun or using sunbeds:)
Big thank you for those replies and yes, it would be a big confidence booster for her, as she is feeling fat and frumpy now!! I will mention to her about the hormone side effects though, to cover myself. Once again thank you
when i did my training i was told just be on the safe side and dnt do pregnant ,even though there is nothing harmful in the solution if the awful happens and the doc asks them what have they done different lately, answer had a spraytan, what would they think,some insurances say after 3months only
I will definitely do a patch test on her first to see how it works out.

I did my training with LA Tanning in London and although I was pleased with the training at the time, I now realise, having scoured this site, how many details were not covered by the training, i.e. stripping my gun and cleaning it was not even touched on. I am based in Ag. Nik, Crete and am doing quite well as there are so many people who just don't want the hassle of obtaining a tan the hard way. My two biggest problems have been keeping my clients cool (not sweating excessively in our hot climate) and getting hold of promotional leaflets and pre and after care cards. I know some training courses provide this service. Any ideas on inspirational sites for such promotional stuff. I am mobile at the moment but am on the hunt for premises from 2011.
Ensure she wears a filter mask too

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