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Apr 26, 2003
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hi all...well ive had a really bad week, im poorly and so are my 3 kiddy winks and future in the process of doing my prices, however i know what to charge for natural or pink and whites but not for colours ie metro colours/glitter etc as no one does this in my area...if im charging £33.50 for natural and french look with a white tip, £35 for pink and whites, how much should i charge for coloured acrylics...£37.50 or £40...Vicx

and do i charge extra for airbrushed french manicure or is it ok if they substitute polish for this for no extra charge?
Do any of u offer glitter and coloured acrylics? if so how much more r they to the clear or french look enhancements? thanks
for one of the mags regarding the Urban Metal Manicure - you can add an extra £10 to a full-set and all you are doing is the hologram glitter tips with pink middles! Not everyone likes nail art - this is a form that looks tres chic and classy!! Ask Laystar about my nails at Olympia (and how they look now) - red/black stiletto hologram tips with Perfect Colour Pink in zones 2 & 3 (oops said 1&2 before which was wrong)!! If you can do a smile line in white, you can do it in any colour and because it's different - charge more!! I will be wearing this look at ExCeL so come have a look if you are going!! Hope this helps ;)
hi if im charging £35 for pinks and whites, then to charge £45 for metro colour? and £35 or £45 for glitter and pink?

i charge £32.50 for natural look
£35 for pink and white L & P
£37.50 for pre airbrushed tips with glitter or clear gel
so £45 for metro colour?

hi ya vic how you feeling now hun?
i recon those prices sound good to me! id be happy to pay that :D
hope you and the kids get well soon!
nickki jonesx
Why ask lil me?! lol! :oops:

Samantha's nails were... FAB! So jealous, I wanted some! Funky, classy, nice n pointy but not O-T-T. The colour was gorgeous n black with gorgeous sparkly bits in :) Tres chic (how comes people are now saying tres like moi?!), eyecatching and sooo stylish!! Introduced me to a whole new shape of nails!! aah! :p

Ok, now do I get a free set for all that?!?! Lmao ;-) :rolleyes:

hi ya
well ive decided on £32.50 for natural look, £35 for french look and glitter and £40 for metro coloured...
wear the look yourself - you know what our clients are like :rolleyes: they want what we have and they will buy what we recommend - this 'look' is a pure alternative for someone who wants 'urban glamour' as opposed to Forever French (which is STILL the most popular 'look'!!) I just think it is great to be able to offer something a little different to keep the clients hungry for more!!! ;)
hi mrs geek...if only i could find a decent nail technician to do my getting wed in 12 days and my nails are horrendous, i went to a beauty salon tonite for a set done, they ended up not charging me coz the nails wouldnt stay on...she buffed 2 of them off...i paid £10 booking fee and was due to pay remaining £23.50 tonite, but she phoned up her boss and they didnt charge me, not that i wouldve been happy paying anyhow, u should see my supposedly smile lines, they r all wonky...and they told me on the phone id be very pleased with my ive got to find someone to do them before next opening up my salon in 2 weeks and 2 days so i want my nails to look the biz not like they r rite now...vickyx
There used to be a brilliant nail technician called Sarah Bell (now married so she's Sarah somethingelse!!) right in Lincoln. Her sister does great nails too.

If you ring DesignerNails and ask for technicians in Lincoln they will give you the names of the Creative Master Technicians in the area. OR any area for that matter!! It is a great service we offer I think.
thanks geeg...ile do that tomorrow, im sat here now looking at these horrid things thinking it's going to be really embarrassing on my wedding day...peeps may think ive done them not fab yet but i can do them betta than this mal-ar-kie....
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