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Jan 11, 2003
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I'm having problems keeping the acrylic away from the cuticle area and soft skin.....also...... My sculptures are really bad, my smiles are uneven and the tips are worse, at the very tip the are very thin....... :scram:

I'm getting so frustrated with this, I feel like giving up! :oops:

I've switchd to Creative and I'm starting to love it, it's soo easy to work with, easy to file..... i'm still practicing with Tammy Taylor tho.....

What is the difference between Radical and Creative???? :?

Thanks for any help

you will get confused if you are practising with two different makes,you want to stick with just one. i know its a pain if you still have a lot left of another make (i do to-i have a whole kit of opi :twisted: which is just sitting in my cupboard)but if your using different makes they are probably different ratios and different set times and that gets confusing especially if your having problems anyway.
Hi Techgirl,

A little advice if I may.

You need some one to one tuition with an excellent teacher and your problems could be solved in a couple of hours.

Although you've changed to the best product there is in my opinion, it will not teach you technique and that is what you are short of.

Yes its easier to apply, yes its softer to file, yes it is absolutely beautiful BUT it can not show you how to do a perfect smile line or to keep it off the skin etc.

One suggestion I can make is when you apply your last bead ... press it on to the MIDDLE of the nail and nudge and press it BACK to the cuticle instead of applying close to the cuticle and trying to fill a little gap. This gives you much more control of the bead and is a great help to keeping the product off the skin.

To answer your last question, Radical is a sculpting monomer made by Creative. Retention+ is another sculpting monomer made by Creative. the differences in both are discussed on this board and also on the Creative Web site -- Don't give up ... just don't go it alone and get some professional help. If there are any Creative Master classes available in your area try to attend.
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