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Apr 26, 2003
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hi all, i had my nails done last nite and they r really silly and nothing to boast about, ive hid my hands all day, however the reason for the posting is the lady that did them really annoyed me, she said we r proper technicians not technicians that have been on a 4 day course...we r this stage i didnt tell her i was a nail technician having been on short courses i let her have her say....i just wondered what you all opening my own salon soon and i dont have nvq or vtct behind me ive just learnt via short courses...but she really hit a nerve, really suggesting us that have done short courses r not proper technicians...what do u all think? vickyx :D

This would really annoy me too! Maybe she said that to make her self sound better, she had no reason to mention it :?: You dont need an NVQ or a vtct to be a nail technician, but those of us that have done short courses are more than capable of doing just as good if not better (as you said you weren't impressed with your new nails) So don't let it get to you . And let her fill her head with these thoughts that she is the best because she has done a 'proper course' when infact she has just done a rubbish job :!: ;)

Don`t you take any notice Vicky, there are loads of technicians out there with chips on their shoulders.
You`re going to do really well with your shop, don`t let anyone tell you otherwise.
It must be understandable you doubting yourself as you get closer to opening, just take a deep breathe and start again. It`ll be great
Well Hi there Vic ...............
Well she might be a proper? Technician, but she ain't good is she.............Well if you have been hiding your nails then I take it they are not something to be proud of...........

Definition of Proper by Ruth Fordham

Proper is as proper does............
So if you, turn out great nails, then you are a great (proper) Technician, if on the other hand you turn out crap nails you are not a great Technician( nor a proper one).........
So in other words, let your work speak for itself...........
This is what makes you a proper Technician...............

Well if she is a Technician, who attended college and did her training there and still doesn't know how good nails should look like, I suggest she brushes up on her proper Nail skills.................

What makes a proper Technician.................
Some one that can do outstanding work, knows there contra-indications, their health and safety, good product knowledge.......... aso....
Also someone that never proclaims to know it all, because there is always something new to learn.....................
So no matter how long the course, it's the quality and then the time spend after wards, gaining more knowledge ...................
I class myself as a proper Technician, but would never state this to a client, and why should I..............I let my work speak for itself.......

So babe you are as proper as you wanna be ..............
Take no notice and don't let this cast doubt on your skills............
Go and get them babe .................Because at the end of the day, it's the clients who decide who is a proper Tech and who is not..................

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Well Vic, I just wonder why she felt the need to make that statement? Sounds like an inferiority complex if you ask me. She probably knows her work isn't up to scratch!
nailtiqe said:
hi all, i had my nails done last nite and they r really silly and nothing to boast about, ive hid my hands all day, .....

Hi Vic,

Ditto to all the above.

Why did you go to someone else to have your nails done anyway?

If you wear someone elses nails then all you are doing is advertising them - if you wear your own nails and people stop you in the shops etc and ask where you have your nails done then you can give them your cards etc.

I am always frightened to go anywhere else to have my nails done and I would worry they would ruin my nails if they did a poor job and then that is a problem for me - if clients see me with horrible nails then what confidence will they have that I can give them nice nails.

I appreciate that lots of people on here will have other nail technicians they work with and have complete faith in, which is different.
hi i went to someone else coz i for the life of me cannot do my own, especially my left hand coz im left handed....vicky
hi there vicky

im the same i go to many different salons to have my nails done simply becasue like yourself i cant do my left hand as im left handed

i only go to nice posh trendy salons wouldnt go to anything that looked dodgey like market stands and things like that

i go and dont tell them im a nail tech so basically i just watch and learn
or maybe think i cant believe they have done that

sometimes i have learnt quite a few tips just by watching

im off to a new nail salon just opened in the town looks very nice

i have booked in for my b'day i rang up she said £30 per set
i said can i ask what gel you use only im not keen on bio sculpture
she said yes we use IBD its brilliant

which is a gel i use along with the akzentz gels so

will be interesting to watch will keep you posted

thing is i go in and if they make a bad job thats when im gutted thinking i cud have done better myself

o well

bye for now :D
hi ya vic dont you worry about a thing hun you know your stuff and as ruth says if you know your contra-indications and health and safety,product chemistry and you know what constitutes a great set of nails then you will go a million times further than a tech with a complex!who was she trying to convince you or herself?
ruths right let your work speak for its self we are no less a technician for only doing a short courses
we work our butt off and put our all into constant learning and will continue to do so and we aren't fightened to ask for help when we need it so id say that makes us the better tech we constantly strive to perfect and we dont proclaim to know it all unlike your rubbish tech :D
your gonna be great :D
nickki jonesx
I must say that I can do my own nails but I prefer not to!! I feel like it's my little bit of luxury. But as a nail technician you hear so many bad stories about various salons so I chose a salon that I had heard no bad reports about.

I was very dubious when I first went but unlike some of you who didn't say you was a nail technician, I did!!! That way I knew they would do a good job!! The salon is really lovely and the girls are great. I let them rebalance my nails but I always paint them and do the art on them myself. That way I'm still advertising my own work and not their's. :D


Not sure if the picture will work :?
Not sure if the picture worked. I can see it but don't know if the rest of you can!!!!

The colour hasn't come out very well because it's actually bright pink. A few little rhinestones added to the ring finger keeps it simple but adds a bit of sparkle!!!!

So I don't think it matters if you go to a salon and have your nails done because initially what people see is the polish and art (if you have any art on them).
yeh kel i understand where your coming from

i do paint my own etc its just when i try to apply the gel and build it up on my left hand its a right mess gel not totally smooth as im shaking and the c curve isnt quite a c LOL

I mean my toes i try and do art on but then again im shaking
i put sum acrylic glitter on the other day had to soak it off was a right mess lol..

im looking forward to going abroad see if i can get my toe nails done there

anyway thats my little waffle for today

off to do my pain in the bum client

bye for now

hayley :D
I'm bumping this back up as I have been away :sunny: and have had almost 4 pages of posts to go through :rolleyes: Vicky why don't you go to Polished (0113 230 4305) if you can't do your own - they are all fabulous - ask for Bev!! Hope this helps ;)
I am a pretty new tech, and I coordinate my work with another newbie mobile tech. We both have kids at the same school/preschool so can cover school runs if the other has a client. We do loads of training between us, reporting back to the other about what we have learnt and share some equipment too! The big advantage is we do each others nails and are openly critical to each other. This way we both learn and our nails look great! We both love the nails the other one does.

We also cover each other's clients if we are sick / kids need us etc. It is a fantastic system because we trust each other and don't poach clients. :D

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