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Sep 30, 2008
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Middlesex/West London
Hi Geeks

I have had an email from a lady saying she has recently started suffering with Psoriasis but really wants to have a pedicure done...I always thought this was a CI so normally wouldn't hav done it but she says its not contagious and it looks worse than it is ........Have things changed re this being a CI and would I be okay to do pedicure?

It's OK to do a Mani and Pedi... just watch out for any fungal infections in her toenails as she may have some Onycholysis and this can leave her prone to infections.

She may also have pitting and it's ok to buff her nails and maybe use a ridge filler to smooth out any inperfections.

Just be very gentle with your treatments.
Hi , ive done pedis on psorisis before , and its been fine , so long as the skin is not very broken and sore.I hear the fish pedicures are incredible for psorisis , if u want to invest!!!!!:lol:
Tks for response....she is having shellac on mani and pedi would i still need to use ridge filler with this. I assume as you put base coat 2 colour coats and top coat that it wouldn't be needed??
I don't get it?? Fish pedicures.......Let me in on the joke?
No the Shellac base will work the same as a ridge filler would... her nails will be nice and smooth with Shellac.
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yuk! thats not real is it? I have heard of it actually but didnt think they really did it? disgusting
yep its real!!! wouldnt like the feeling of it myself either but its really catching on. There is a few salons in dublin doing it. Having to mind the fish as well as running a salon NO THANKS!!!!!!!:lol::lol:

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