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Apr 16, 2007
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Do all primers have the purpose of dehydrating the nailplate?
I ask thise since i work with a primerless gel system besides my cnd acrylic system.
Could i use the acid free primer from creative as an extra dehydrator prior to applying my gel? Or is there something specifick in cnd,s primer which makes it non-compatible with other brands?
I don't think CND's primer is incompatable with other brands....but it is always best to stick to the 'system' taught by your specific brand, and not start to mix & match.

CND's acid free primer is a bonding agent and forms covalent bonds between l&P enhancement prouct an natural nails.
For extra Dehydration then the CND product that would be best is Nailfresh.

Acid Free primer does not get used with Brisa Gel system ... Liquid Bond is used which is very similar in it's makeup and also forms a covalent bond. HTH
Thx for your reply,

I normally don,t mix products but it,s that the primer of the other brand gets sticky after a while *pretty messy*... That,s why i just started to wonder, especially since i like cnd,s primer :)

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