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Jan 9, 2003
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I am just going to post an announcement here in General regarding the Quizes as it seems many people have spaced off the fact that they even exist ;)

All you need to do is click the geek quiz link to the left to go and try your luck.

The high scores are reset every 7 days and you can retake each quiz every 48 hours.
There are plenty of q's so know yourself out. If intrest wanes... I won't bother adding more.

As far as High Scores... here are the links for the high scores for each quiz.

Well when i first started the quizz, I thought hell I shouldn't even be a nail tech I no nothing lol............according to the scores lol...........

But what do you know.......... I am getting there...........
One or two questions in health and saftey still get me lol....Vapour????... Dust ??? no matter what i say it says incorrect...........the answer must be in dougs book for sure.......... well I will keep reading and will find it...........

I think thats the key here............ take the quizz, and then read up on the weak points.......

But where does the Sushi bit come from........... it aint in Dougs book lol....
Nice on thought Samuel (not from Madagascar) xxxxxxxx
Please don't give up on doing the quiz i love it, and am still struggling to even manage to get my name on the board, it bugs the pants of me not being able to get the high score.

I think the hardest part of the quiz is trying to get the old brain in gear before the screen pops up saying out of time :( my god that is the major challange just trying to stay calm knowing the clock is just tick tick tick ticking away.

The first time I did it I was quite pleased with my results however since then I seem to get worse its the nerve thing I am sure, but still love the challenge so please please Mr Geek keep it going I love it.

Grace x
Dont stop with the quizzes. Add more! :shock:
Im addicted, but the realisation that I am in on a saturday night playing a Nail quiz is slightly worrying. ;)
red:ice9 said:
Dont stop with the quizzes. Add more! :shock:
Im addicted, but the realisation that I am in on a saturday night playing a Nail quiz is slightly worrying. ;)

Which is worse?
You doing a nail quiz on a Saturday night or me trying to come up with more questions and witty answers? :D
which is worse? :?
Definitely sitting in on a Saturday night. You coming up with more q&a's just emphasises your "god-like" "all knowing" abilities as a Nail officianado :study: whereas me sitting in on a saturday night emphasises the fact that I'v got no life outside nails - :silly: good grief! Is it a good thing to be so obsessed with just one subject? 8)

ps: i really love these little emoticons. :goal:
oooooo blimey geek i have a job to read it all in 10seconds :D so needless to say my score on the geek site left a lot to be desired :D talk about under pressure :shock: got in a right flap!! great fun though must have another go when i have brushed up on my speed reading :D dont want to show me self up :D :oops: ;)
dont scrub them they are good fun! 8)
l have been going through withdrawls. my computer has decided to take sick leave so l have not been able to do the quizzes. :( they are brill and great for keeping your knowledge on its toes. so keep them - and i will be a happy bunny. got to go - using my brothers computer and he wants it now - damn :evil:
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