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Apr 17, 2012
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hi geeks, just a bit of a grrr moment

i recently set up a salon and have noticed that the clients messing me about are 'friends'
trying to build up clients is really difficult as it is, so when so called friends who are so keen to promote you let you down its very upsetting and frustrating.
i just wondered how many other geeks this happens to ? or is it just me ?

the last one booked in a week ago for gel nails for this afternoonfor 2pm, i text at 2.15 asking if she was coming, answer 'erm well i'm sort of still in sheffield so not sure what time i'll be back, sorry '

i've not even messaged back as i'm so angry

anyway rant over xxxx
The only bad feedback I've had from my spray tanning is 1 person - my best friend! Ha ha.
Oh friends really do make the worst clients sometimes :mad:
Ive been mucked around lots by friends before, Its because they dont see you in a proffessional light, they see you as a mate. "ahh, she wont mind, shes my mate"
Try and be more assertive when you book the appointments. State you have a cancellation poilicy, or ask for a deposit. Its hard to do the first time I know but I promise you will only have to do it once before they see you as they business woman you really are and not the mate they can get a cheapie from whenever they please!
That's awful to not even let you know :(

You could try quickly typing up an invoice for the cost of her appointment and give it to her...It's probably best to not follow it up as she is a friend but it will let her know what she cost you by letting you down :)
Yep, I had a friend cancel at the last minute or just no show for four appointments on the trot, in the end I told her I'd need a 50% deposit or she could just pop in and hope I was available. She's never bothered book since so my day is free for ' real' clients.
Ahh yes, i have this always with my best friend! She will book appointments, then move them around constantly and cancel last min, so annoying, but i obviously dont charge her full price, so now i try and suggest i do after hours or on a Sunday so she doesnt mess up my diary!

You have to be firm otherwise they'll keep messing you about, you're trying to run a business after all..
Friends are horrendous!

I've turned up late at night to do friends spray tans and they haven't been home as the 'forgot' about it, when they booked the day before.

Again with spray tanning I had one friend who constantly let me down who would just ignore my messages etc. I got that angry I told her she was being very unfair and it would be decent and polite of her to let me know if she isn't coming, since then never had a problem with her!

And don't get me started on them then wanting discounts lol.

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Yes friends are bad and so can family be bad. They want treatments for nothing ad think they are doing you a favour by letting them practice on them lol . They are often late. But as the saying goes people only treat you the way you let them lol xxx

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