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Feb 27, 2004
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Can anyone help?
I have a client coming with Raynauds and I wondered if I put vaseline on the finger pads where they have split, so as to make things more comfortable. It doesn't appear to affect the nail plate so I just wanted to make sure that it is ok to do her enhancements. I will probably suggest L&P. What do you think??
I have had two customers with Raynauds, neither of them had broken skin but they had very cold hands which meant that everything took a bit longer to cure or set in the case of varnishing. I always started their services with a few minutes in my warm mitts.

Rather than using vaseline - try the Solarbalm - much more luxurious and more professional looking, possibly.
Fiona's advice is good, but to keep those hands warm, another thing you can try is placing a hot water bottle under the towel where the client rests her wrists. This will keep her hands warmer all during the service.

Vaseline will have no affect whatsoever on dry or cracked skin other than sitting on the surface and makeing it dificult to work and possibly seep onto the nailplate you are trying to work on. Vaseline is mineral oil and will not penetrate the pores of the skin.
Thanks for that I knew about the vaseline not penetrating but thought maybe just to sit on the split skin she had underneath. Anyway have done them and they looked lovely and she also thinks having a slightly longer nail than her naturals (which break off all the time) maybe she wont split them so much because she will be taking care of her enhancements.

witchesmole x
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