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Dec 21, 2003
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East Anglia
I"ve just got back from a customer who had a maintenance appointment. She had lost two nails which I replaced but I couldn't ask for the money to cover the extra nails :sad:

At the moment I charge 27.00 for a full set of enhancements ( that includes a free cuticle oil on their first appointment), then 14.00 for a two weekly rebalance and each new nail 2.50.

I've moved to a new area so my client base is still in the early stages, but I've noticed that no-one tips ( something which they always did back in Kent) so I wondered whether I should be charging more for the rebalance and include one new nail in the price so I don't feel awkward asking for more money.

Should I also charge more for a pink and white in gel compared to someone who requests white tips with clear gel?

Any thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated.


If i was you i would get some price lists printed clearly stating your prices, hours, cancellation policy ect and start as you mean to go on. It is so hard to implement these things with existing clients.
I do think your rebalance charge is low i always charge 1/3 less than a full set, working on the theory that you will do more rebalances than full sets. I also charge more if they go over the agreed rebalance time.
Hope this helps you.
Hi, like you I charge the same, in hopes of picking up more clients and then one day making a price inflation. Don't want to seem greedy and the practice comes in handy when confidence allows us to charge and not feel guilty either. As for tips, I live in Kent and only one out of my handfull of clients ...tip!!!
My clientell base is quite small, I dont charge for a replacement nail i charge €40 for a full set and €25 for refills and that is whether or not they want pink and whites, I charge €50 for a full set of coloured EZ flow powders (boogy nights)

Remember thats Euro
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