Regular waxing - less growth after time?


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Jul 1, 2007
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I am in the process of re-doing my service menus as I now have waxing to add to my qualifications. Is it fair to say on my leaflet that regular waxing treatments results in a gradual diminishment of hair growth? I thought this was the case but I am not sure after reading a few threads on here and am a bit confused. Any clarification on this would be great - thanks.

In my experience i would say yes for some, not for others.As you know from a search its up for dispute. Therefore i personally wouldn't have it written that it does or tell anyone it does.
I would say yes BUT only if they don't shave in between. If they start to have regular waxing in the winter (when people usually stop), they'll find that by the summer, the hair will be much softer and finer. x
I agree with what has been said. I wouldn't put on your price list that it stops hair from growing as this implies that waxing is a permanant method of hair removal which it is most definatly NOT, you could put instead that "waxing causes hair to grow back finer and more sparse" or something similar.
Thanks for your replies - I think that's settled the matter for me.

Cheers - Siana.
Just make sure you state that its only for as long as they actually wax. ie if they wax for a few years the hair may well get finer more sparse etc, but then if they stop waxing the hair will eventually grow back normal for most people.

you cant give the impression that it will be an indefinate, permanent reduction.


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