Removing the glue from stick on nails


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Aug 23, 2007
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West sussex, UK
Hi I have got an NVQ assessment like tommorow :eek: and my model (who is a nanny) had allowed a NINE year old :)irked:!!!) to stick on false nails to her natural nails a couple of weeks ago.
All the nails have come off but the glue is just this thick hard mass left on the nail plate. Theres literally a big dollop on each nail. I've tried soaking in acetone but it didnt budge. Its really rough too.
Im very nervous that I'm not going to be able to get it off in time!! Is the assesor is going to expect me to be able to do this? I have done no training in nail enhancments yet.
Anyone have any idea how to get it off???
acetone should have removed it didn't use non acetone polish remover did you. x
accetone should have definately removed the glue.
how long did you soak them for?
You could try to 'carefully' file some of the adhesive off with a 240 grit abrasive, then apply cotton pads with acetone or product remover on and wrap in tin foil, the heat will help the adhesive to be removed quicker, leave them for 20-30 minutes to give it time to work, especially if you've tried it already and it hasn't worked. You will need to be extremely careful not to file the natural nail if you decide to use an abrasive.
Nope im not that dumb :lol: Actually i did double check though:smack: LOL

It didnt softne at all and i soaked them for 15 minutes!!!

I have a horrible feeling its superglue :eek:
Sandi we posted at the smae time, I will give it a go after all cant do no harm now, thanks!
Sorry ... i know it seemed a daft question to ask but you just never know :lol:. xx
i know this is a little bit irrelavant
but I have seen so many little kids with stick on nails during the summer hols :rolleyes:
but they are not nice looking natural stick on nails noooo, they are in your face ugly ones ...WHY !!

I know when I was 9 i bought some , stuck them on , thought i looked gorgeous ,untill my cuticle area went bright red and inflammed...and my mum was called to the school to remove them,
i was sobbing and very embarrased...then mum frogmarched me to the chemist to shout at him for selling me them :eek:

But I really have seen loads of kids wearing them this year ..nuts !

also I do think gently filing the adhesive and then a soak off would be best hun xxxx
good luck :hug:
Ive only just done a neighbours grand-daughter, her step mother had put these things on her and used superglue!!!:eek:

She is only 8 years old, and when they were taken off, her dad and step mother pulled them off, she said it really hurt and her poor little nails were sore.

When her gran brought her round to me, I gave the glue a light buff, after trying to soak it off in acetone. It is all gone now, but I felt so sorry for her, bless! :cry:

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