Repairing other tech's work

Hiya, I'm interested to know if you geeks do/don't offer nail repairs for clients who have had their nails done elsewhere?

I've repaired other techs works before, but generally don't get many requests for repairs - think people mainly go back to the place they had them done.

But then I do get one lady who is not my client (her best friend does her nails) but she comes to me for repairs in between coz I'm closer and I do extensions and silk repair (which her friend doesn't).

Repairs don't make me any money and they are more of a maintenance service I offer for my own nail clients, but then I think if I turn them away, I could be turning away a potential future client?

Karen Minx

Well-Known Member
I would but i have recently put my repair charges up on my pricelist. I charge £10 per repair (includes up to 2 nails). If its a regular client then its down to my own descression and normally charge them £5 depending. My regular clients dont mind squeezing in when it suits me.