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Jun 17, 2004
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I'm am in the U.S. I bought a retention+ try me kit today.
I have a OPI grand oval kolinsky brush, so the question is, will this brush be large enough to get the right ratio?

also on the instruction sheet it said the ball should look like mayonaise.

Would someone please explain the look of the bead in each stage.

1. After you pick it up from powder.
2. When you place on nail or form.

How long do you leave brush in powder when picking up bead?
I read other posts and become confused. I was placing in powder and saying the going going gone before picking up brush.

I am going to take a creative l&p class as soon as I can.
Waiting for a cataloge now.
The closest class is in Atlanta.
Thank you to everyone.
Hi Arlene,

I have just started my Masters with Creative and we were told the brushes are made to work with the products. The belly of the brush picks up the right amount of liquid for the powder - so in short an OPI brush will not work correctly with Creative powders.

The ball should look like 'orange peel' when you take it out of the powder . Let is settle for a second until the 'orange peel' effect has gone. When you place it on the nail it is then that you use 'going, going, gone' and it should settle and drop by about 25% (I think that is correct!!!). Then you can start to work it.

Of course you can get the ratio right using any brush although Creative brushes are designed around holding the right amount in the belly to make a medium sized bead with creative Liquids and Powders. But if you have a favorite brush then there is no harm at all in using it provided it is not contaminated with another liquid from another system.

However you take the time to let the bead settle on the nail, whether it is to say 'going going gone' or just to take a deep breath before beginning to press out the bead, let the bead settle for a second or two until glassy in appearance. Then press and smooth into place.
Hi there

If the brush is made of the same stuff and is similar shape why shouldn't it work?

Ratio should be 1.5 parts monomer to 1 part powder. When you put your brush in the monomer gently scrape the brush on the side of your dappen dish to remove excess liquid, hold your brush vertically and sweep tip of brush across your powder which should be shaken level, this will create a ball. Depending on the liquid in your brush depends on the size. When you take your brush out of the powder and see the powder at the end of the tip if you say "going going gone" the powder should disappear by then, you should have the right consistency. Should looke like orange peel, when you place on nail you should not get a ring of fluid around bead - means too wet, should just settle by 25%. Leave for 2 secs then press and smooth.


For more technical info have a look at
ok. thanks everyone.

I do visit the creative site also.
Will go again, it never hurts to read things again. LOL
I'm also in the U.S., and your OPI brush will work. A really great read is Doug Schoon's book Nail Product Chemistry Simplified. You can order it online from (a Milady Thompson publishing company) or you should be able to get if from one of your local CND distributors. If can't find it post me privately and I'll see what I can do. ( I am CND Master and an instructor in a CND school so I can get ahold of all kinds of learning materials)

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