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Dec 27, 2007
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Sunny South! UK
I know your probably going to find this strange to hear, me being a female and all, but I actually didn't go shopping in the sales this year(to busy paying for my CND course & my move to spain!) but it didn't actually bother me, everyone acts like total loonatics anyway:lol: (and I defo dont need any more clothes!!) and I hear this years January sales are the least profitable for shops in years, did any of you go mad in the sales, or were you like me, saving your pennys up for other things??
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i was like you hun...saving my pennys....i have not gone to the sales this year busy aswell....i am one of these shoppers thats goes out and gets what she wants and comes home!!!

my sis in law goes all day long and to tell you the truth i would find all that
i did go but not straight away,im quite happy to let the mad rush die down first.i partly went though because i had vouchers to spend that i got for xmas.i always know though that most of the things i see before xmas are never in the sales i have bought a few bits but not much.i do love shopping but not with animals:lol:
I went to the sales simply cos I needed stuff and I had money fro crimbo!
Got some fab stuff on ASOS (thanks Judy for the link! :hug:), and then highstreet aswell!
This I may add is the first time in years I have been sales shopping, I still dont think Ive got enough though!! lol!!!
I was at Debenhams front doors 8am Boxing Day,i intended on buying a coat....came home with a belt, and a pair of jeans that had to go back...oh and i brought some bed linen from House of fraser as it was virtually half price...when i got home realised i hadnt picked up one of the sheets i put on the desk to buy,then checked me reciept and the women hadnt charged me for it:irked:

Think next year i will stay in bed...has anybody else been to a Next sale,went to one last year, was there at 6am..the queues, it was like Alton Towers!!!

Ive still got money left to spend from xmas,but just dont seem to be nothing out there decent this year!!
I didn't do the sales, didn't have the money to spare if i am honest but i cant be bothered with all the hassle sales bring,
i have said i am going to save up for the sales in 2009 lol but i bet i end up doing it online

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