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Mar 8, 2003
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Sorry this isnt about nails, but I am hoping to get some opinions on this situation in our salon. I posted on another board but am not getting much response.

A client comes in for a haircut, she has been coming to Debbie for about 3 years. She is waiting for her haircut and ask's a stylist (Tanya) who is at the front desk about a shampoo and Tanya tells her about the shampoo and the conditioner that goes with it. Then the receptionist jumps in and starts telling her about a gel product. The client goes with Debbie and gets her haircut. At the check out the client decides to buy the shampoo/conditioner and the gel. The receptionist rings her out and takes credit for the gel and gives the credit for shampoo/conditioner to Debbie (the clients stylist). Tanya thinks she should get credit for the shampoo/conditioner. I am just wondering if it is ethical for another stylist or receptionist to be selling products to a client before her stylist even has a chance to see the client.
...tricky!! At the end of the day, this lady has been going to Debbie for 3 years! On one hand, it should be Debbie selling the retail and receiving the credit, Tanya knows that this lady is Debbie's client so why is she trying to sell to her?? On the other hand people get chatting, she recommended something and the lady bought it but obviously BEFORE Debbie had time to even discuss retail. OK Debbie either concedes this sale to Tanya but asks Tanya NOT to retail to her clients again and if she does - Debbie will take the credit regardless OR she puts her foot down and says thank you for helping MY client in choosing her retail but she is just that - MY client and so I will take the credit!! It is difficult as sometimes it comes naturally to some of us to sell - without thinking really!! :oops: I don't know if we have these kind of problems here; I'm sure we do and I am sure the Geekettes will be posting their reponses too!! :rolleyes: ;)
Good question and equally applicable in a nail salon.

I think the situation has highlighted a problem and now it need to be addressed with a policy for the salon.

Treat this incident as part of a learning curve and go on from here to form a policy regarding who sells to whom and who gets the commission etc. and how another stylist should handle an inquiry if a client, who is not his/hers, seeks advice from them.

I certainly would not let it make for bad feeling in the salon at this point. It has, as I said, highlighted a problem and now it needs to be fixed so there is no confusion from now on.
Well this is tricky, what is one to do............
If the clients ask Tanya then all Tanya did is answered her question about products................. It's a bit hard at that point to say to the client......." Sorry love can't comment on that because you are not my client"( think not)...................Maybe a token share would have been better, like a split in commission??????

At the end of the day Debbie is the Lady's stylist but she is the Salons Clients, so it's a bit of a free for all..............

But there should be some sort of agreement, or it will lead to either catfight over the shampoo bowl, or none will answer a clients question because they are to afraid to step on each others toes.............

So hope you get this one sorted, tricky but I am sure with a bit of common sense and respect for each other , this wont be to difficult.....
At the end of the day, it's harmony in a Salon that counts, because clients will pick up on this, quicker then you can say " Visa or Mastercard"

just a thought
love Ruth xxxxx
Sawadee ka

I think customer is the salons customer not belong lady work shop if i have this problem my shop i tell ladys work this 1 i put in book half half and no problem for sure for staff.

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My boss checked into what some other salons in the area are doing about the receptionist selling retail and she found that some of them don't pay a commission to the receptionist but give them a straight 2% of total salon retail sales. That is what we are doing now. We had a general meeting shortly after the incident mentioned before and 6 out of 7 stylists thought that they should have first shot at reccomending products to the clients. All is well in our place of business once again. That is if you don't count the 2 who are both having babies in December and will be out on maternity leave.........oh its always something :D
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