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Aug 13, 2009
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When I opened the salon, I had a tight budget...and my ex works for a lighting company and got me spot light fittings for about £8 each for 6 spotlights on the fitting. He told me they would be bright enough for the salon blah blah blah (typical salesman) and my landlord said "they wont be enough" but I took my boyfriend at the times advice....and he was wrong (nothing new there)

So now I have a dull salon.. We have big windows but they are atthe front and the shop is long and up the back it is dull. And on a dull day outside.

Obviously I really wanna get a permanent solution for this, I saw light fittings in Ikea which I *think* would be perfect but I think I'd need atleast 15-20 (they are just massive lampshades in chrome with a big lightbulb in it and my salon is about....60m squared so thatis going to cost me around £400 to buythem and then to pay an electrician to come fit them......

SO basically here are my two questions....

1. What lighting do you have in your hair/beautysalons?

2. Does anyone have a quick fix for a bit more brightness in here?

Thank you in advance xxx
Can anyone help please?
What's the wattage of each bulb in the spotlight fitting? If there are 20W bulbs in there at the moment, could you up them to 50W, assuming that it's safe to do so?
They ate already at a high wattage. I thought about getting those battery powered wee kind of side lights that stick on the wall. But I'm just not sure if it will help. Think I need to bite the bullet and just get it all redone but I'm dreading what it will cost
Those battery powered side lights would probably look naff and not provide much in the way of extra light, if they're the ones I'm thinking of. And you'd probably end up spending a fortune in batteries if they're on all day too.

Have you got any friends who are qualified sparkies?

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