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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

What do you do when salons in your province are always putting price down .

A manicure was 350 pedicure 350 2 years b4 but with salons making discount we are doing both for 400 we can not speak 700 when every body is down to 400 .

Well i was so unhappy yesterday a salon near my salon has made price to 250 for both and i speak with my sister we will not work for this price .

A man hair cut was 350 in my aunties salon 2 years b4 when i start work there now she has for 200 same every body .

Every service in the salons price is coming down so fast .

Yesterday we lose 3 customers from western world because i ask price 1500 for nails extension pink and white and they tell me exspensive because 2 salons near me are price 1000 they now discount 500 b4 they were the same price .

Yesterday i wanted the customers i wanted the money i wanted to work .

Last night i dream have big sign outside 1 salon ZERO nails :sad: .

When will it stop .

Mui from Thailand
oh mui you sound so fed up,just try not to stress too much,i know that is a hard thing to do but your regular customers will stay with you i am sure, and a lot of people are not always interested in the cheaper option,they go to the person that does a good job on their hair/nails etc so i am sure you will not lose too many customers,your work will speak for itself, love dee
One thing that many people do not do it to give praise to themselves.

Tell everyone that you are the BEST in the area and the best is not the cheapest.

I can't understand why people keep discounting, they only have to work twice as hard.. it's stupid. They don't automatically get the business because theyare cheaper and some people (like me) would never go to someone just because they were cheap!

Place yourself above the rest and don't get into this price war thing. If you're worth it .... charge for it. But let people know that you are worth it. They won't know unless you tell them. Give yourself the praise ............ then of course you have to be what you say you are.
Most people sadly think this is how you compete in todays market... by price points.
In my opinion, there are fewer worse ways to compete. Why? It blurs the line of distinction between you and 'them'. What you need with competition is more distinction... more contrast.

Funny... I am actually working on an article for a US mag at this very moment on this very subject :D
I personally think that people who discount madly look desperate for business - there is someone near me who is offering a "Weekender" at £12.50 for a set of nails - maybe they are only supposed to last for the weekend LOL.

I think the general public are not as daft as people think they are - quality comes at a price.
Hi Mui

Great advice already from every one rise above it if you can maybe have a slogan "You've Tried The Rest Now Try The Best"
I personally agree with Geeg, you pay for what you get and would never go to someone based on price. I usually go with recommendation. When i started out as a nail tech and sorting out my prices i went for the middle of what other mobile nail techs were charging and what salons were charging.

I asked my friends etc what they thought, they all said that the cheapest wasn't normally the best. Plus they said if it was cheap they would wonder what they were going to end up with. Lets face it i would rather pay for quality at the end of the day.:cool:
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