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Oct 27, 2004
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hi i am wanting new salon uniforms i have gone from tunics to tops now i think i want to go back to tunics, but i woulk like long sleeve(to elbow) and a wrap over,

i was looking through scratch and the 2 lovely girls from nail retreat have lovely ones on, so if anyone as seen there pic and knows where to get from,

that would be great

ta jan
pm oceana she is clare moss, and she will be able to help you,
and yep they did look lovely didnt they!!
did you find out where you got the nice uniforms from? I'm wanting to order a few new ones.

I was going to re-order the one I've got from Buttercups but they don't do that style anymore!
Florence Roby have a sale on at the mo.I love their uniforms.Stylish,comfy and very hard wearing.
Just to add that with ExCel coming up at the beginning of March, they'll be lots of uniform co's exhibiting, no doubt with special offers too.
they a like kimonoes and i have a cream one i got it from

it is soo comfy and easy to wash

well I have spent an entire morning today looking at the links that you gave in previous threads and tbh I'm disappointed. a

I have an assymetrical short sleeve tunic with chinese collar in brown which I love and want one similar infact 2. Most of the links supplied don't do brown but stone, which does so not go with my skintone.

I haven't found any that I like in brown with assymetrical line so far and am gutted.
thanks guys found all replies really helpful


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