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May 8, 2011
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I'm looking into doing semi permanent eyelashes but unsure of who is the best company for training and products.

I have been in contact with a few of my local colleges and they are all using marvel lash.

What do people think if this product, is it any good? I knew that Capital Hair and Beauty also do training for this product.

Any help would be welcomed :biggrin:
There is lots of threads on this that can help. I did mine with abx brilliant training
Stay well clear of marvel lash....... x
Stay well clear of marvel lash....... x

I second that... That's who I trained with.... Training ok... Glue... RUBBISH!!!!!! Made me so disheartened that I don't do it now :( maybe I should give it another go with a different glue

Thank you for the advice, i will have a look at other companies. Just need to find a training school in Glasgow :|
I trained with Kelly at flirties semi perm lash extensions and I can not recommend her and the product enough great great great
I trained with Lash Perfect, can't rate them enough, the products are great. Completed my fifth set of extensions tonight - the best so chuffed!!

Good luck with whoever you decide to train with, do your research, it took me over a year to decide who to go with.:wink2:

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