she used super glue


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Posh Paws

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Nov 9, 2006
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omg i done a client 2 weeks ago and she came for her rebalance today OMG.......

I looked at her nails and she has only gone and stuck 2 of them back on with super glue because she knocked them at work and didnt want to walk around nail less !!!!!!

jesus i just hope no one thinks i had done this ... to top it all off she decided to paint over them till she came today just to tidy them up ........
they looked like they had been painted by a 2 year old ........:cry:

super glue come on if she had called i could have re done but she says because they only came off 2 days ago she thought she would wait :eek:
I have a client who does this every now and then, she knows I'll tell her off for the glue (she does use nail adhesive) but she still does it, I always remove and reapply the 'glued' ones.....thankfully she never paints them like a 2 year old aswell lol!
I had this happen to me just recently, I could not believe it, my client thought she had done well:eek: She knows now that it is a big no-no!

Another thing that happened, different client, and we laugh about it now. Her car broke down and she lost 2 enhancements wrestling with the bonnet and she kept them for me to stick back on!!!:eek:
Superglue (Methyl Cyanoacrylate) adhesive is perfect for repairing broken China and glass. Methyl has a stronger smell and its vapours are a little more irritating to the skin (and eyes) than Ethyl Cyanoacrylate the adhesive we use for enhancements and other usefull nail stuff.

So in essence its not the end of the world, but it could have cause more serious underlaying problems in the end. Bacteria trapped, air trapped, perfect breeding ground for a bacterial feast. Greenie here we come. Allergic reactions aso.

Point this out to her in a very friendly and concerened manner and I bet you she will think twice before she does this again.
Clients don't you just love them xxx
i told her not to ever do this again .....unfortunatly she laughed and said i would have used anything just to keep them :lol:
I've found over the last 10 years that many clients do this and at the end of the day thay've paid for there nails! Also the more that you kinda get upset about it then the more they feel like they're doing you a favour and go elsewhere.

I know it's not nice but once they've left your salon who are we to say what they do to our creations (like I say they've paid for them).

I just usually advise them if they really want to stick em back on in an emergency then please use nail adhesive as it's got an antifungicide in it, and maybe give them a few tips on polish application as I usually find they thank you more for that, and majority of my clients always leave a tip.
It is annoying isn't it, i have a couple of clients that insist on doing this if they break one,
i have told them of the hazard's and said if they must do this then please wipe the nail really well with nail polish remover first so that it kills some of the bugs and nastys that will get under there,
then when they come to me i remove them and charge as i would for a normal repair, so they are not saving any money and hopefully will get the message sooner rather than later
lmao, i once had a client who bought in a money bag with 3 nails inside that she lost in case i wanted to put them back on for her!it was very funny atleast she didnt glue them back on!
i have a client who always does this and will never listen, i just take the glued ones off and put new ones on.

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