Siennasol extreme dark tan

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Spray tan jane, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Spray tan jane
    Last night hubby sprayed me with siennasol extreme. I washed it off after 1 hour and ten minutes. This morning I have a lovely tan. Siennasol is so under rated. I love it.
  2. AshLovesTanning
    Is it a green base? Where did you get it? Have you used it on clients yet?
  3. donnamich
    I use this, it a gorgeous tan. Although i do have a couple of clients that leave it on over night for the 20% :eek: xx
  4. Spray tan jane
    I don’t know what base it is. I’ve not used it on clients but only because I use LA and they all love that. I got it from Ebay and I LOVE it
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  5. Spray tan jane
    What’s it like if left to go to 20%?
  6. donnamich
    Really dark but still a lovely brown colour. To dark for me though. The longest i've dared leave it on was 4 hours xx
  7. donnamich
    Thats a pic of the full 20% and she really fair skinned xx
  8. AshLovesTanning
    Can you really be 20% and not Orange?
  9. Spray tan jane
    Such a natural lovely brown. I’m going to use this more. Xx
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  10. donnamich
    There wasn't a hint of orange. It wore off really good to, it just slowly faded, didn't get that awful scaly look that some do xx
  11. AshLovesTanning
    Is it a green base? It sounds great, are you using it with clients?
  12. donnamich
    Yeah its green based. Its one of the fast tans i use on my clients. Actually its one of the best fast tans ive used. Ive got samples of LA tan fast tan getting delivered tomorrow so i'll see which one i like the best. This one is gunna be hard to beat xx
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  13. Spray tan jane
    I use LA fast and I like siennasol better. LA is lovely too tho. Be interesting to see what you think.
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  14. Spray tan jane
    Hiya, what do you think of the siennasol
    Dark tan? I ordered the extreme and they’ve sent the dark. Wondering whether to send it back or keep it.
  15. donnamich
    Love it. I use that on myself, its a 12%. The only one i dont buy is the natural10% only because if i have someone wanting a light tan i just use the extreme and tell them to wash off in an hour or two xx
  16. Spray tan jane
    How long do you leave the 12% on for? Xx
  17. donnamich
    I sleep in it but you can wash it off at 6 hours for the full 12% xx
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  18. donnamich
    Hey....ok, so i sprayed 2 of my clients that normally get the siennasol extreme in the LA fast tan and they have both said they prefer the Siennasol xx
  19. Spray tan jane
    Ok thanks for that. I tend to agree. Also the extreme can be washed off quicker can’t it. I recommend clients wash the fast off after 4 hours but I think I’d say 2 hours for the extreme. Can’t decide whether to swap the dark for the extreme or use both. What dya think? Xx

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