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Jun 27, 2003
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Hi all,
Can I get some advice please ?

A friend and also my client has recently had a skin complaint which affected her feet. They would blister and itch. It sounded to me like athletes foot but the doctor had said it wasnt. She has used various prescribed creams etc and still it doesnt clear up.

Well, last week when she sat at my table she showed me her hands and said that it had spread to her hands. My advice was to go straight to the drs and insist on the condition being investigated properly.
She has now been referred to a dermatologist.
I advised the best course of action would be to remove her nails while this is ongoing and wait til it clears up as I can't perform a service while the condition prevails.

Her nails are Star gel and would need to be buffed off. She wants me to remove them now.....

Obviously I will need to remove them but at the same time - should I touch them ???


Many thanks in advance
Yeah it could be Coxsackie, Also known as Hand, Foot an Mouth.


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You did absolutely the right thing to send her to the doctor. WE are not diagnosticians and it is not our job to guess what it could be or not be. The dermatologist is the right person to diagnose.
I doubt the condition is contagious, but you can wear gloves whilst prerforming the buff off service. Good practice anyway.
It is a skin condition and not a nail condition and if it were contagious
I'm sure she would have let you know.
Thanks for your replies. I feel reassured now.

I have come across a problem a couple of times before.....

Now and again a product called Benzyl Peroxide pops up and into some acrylic gels....

only a thought....also contact dermatitis caused by the extra fine dust created when working some products.

kellie311970 said:
Thanks for your replies. I feel reassured now.
Um, exactly how many gels do you know of that contain BPO? On that note, how exactly would using a BPO containing product on her nails affect her feet?
On that note... BPO is regularly used in facial cleansers and in treatment of skin conditions.

I would suggest learning a bit more about BPO before you attempt to be so blatent about your motives for selling your products here.
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