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Mar 11, 2003
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west yorkshire
hi can anyone update me on their oppinion on the wearable soak offs by nails plus beauty i cant hold off buying them for much longer but would really love to know what you think of them TAAAA
If these are the finger spa's I think they are absolutely fab, I see the Nails mag this month, has a feature on them too.

I cannot believe how easy they are to use or how flexible, if one nail is in soak you can still work on the other four nails, they are fab, even my clients love them too.

Jue ;)
You can also make you own 'finger spas' bu using a tinfoil square and a pad soaked in remover. Wrap around the nail you wish to soak off and work on the others while it is doing it!! Been doing this for years and years.
I have seen the wearable soak offs and they look really good :D
I just wonder how good the seal is round the edge :?
If they hold in the remover or oils, I think they are worth a try.
I have tried the Finger Spas. In principal I like them but they are by design quite tight and one or two of my clients and myself found them quite uncomfortable after some time.

For soaking off a full set you could always try my Quicksoak Bowls ;)
Well I still use the foil method and this can be used for removing tips and for intense conditioning treatments............

I use a cotton wool ball, soak in tip remover and place on finger and then wrap in tin foil....the foils also keeps the body heat in and works a treat...... you can still work on the other fingers as the other one is soaking...No cleaning the little foil pods either, just chuck them in the bin......But then again where would the world be without new inventions ....................

For complete removal I use the quick soak bowl............. and also for hot oil treatments..............
just my typpence worth
I also use the tin foil method seems alot easier than trying to pour remover into the little pods i know i would end up missing lol ;)

naturalnails said:
For soaking off a full set you could always try my Quicksoak Bowls ;)

Yes fiona must get one of those from you :D
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