Solarnail Powder - Harmony or Battle?


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May 17, 2007
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Hi fellow geeks

I wonder if any of you talented peeps can offer me some advise.

I placed an order for some Perfect Colour Clear powder to use with nail graphix and unfortunately I received Solarnail Clear powder - i was under the impression that solarnail shouldn't be used with Retention + as Perfect Colours had been designed for this.

I therefore called the supplier and told him that he had sent me the wrong one, and he was quite pushy and said you can use all creative powders with all creative liquids - it does the same job and the same price.

So, guys, will these products work together, or am I going to have a fight on my hands trying to return it?

What's worse, I even called the Technical Support at H.Office, yesterday, and they haven't bothered to phone me back either - great customer services!!!!!!

I look forward to hearing from you.

solar powders arent to be used with retention as far as i am aware? If you do a search under solar powders and can do suss it out.
What you ordered is what you should recieve..without a problem..its good customer service! arguments..its plain good practice in most business.
Sometimes companies do take a while to return calls and emails..i have had a few who havent patient ..don't use the powder and keep on calling! good luck x

The problem I have is that I am only recently qualified, and where I order it from, they do make me feel quite inferior at times!

Thanks for your help.

The problem I have is that I am only recently qualified, and where I order it from, they do make me feel quite inferior at times!

Thanks for your help.
Where did you order from?
I feel sure that Hyperion in Leeds wouldn't make you feel inferior at all.

Hyperion is the sole distributor for Creative products in the UK, they allow Ellisons to sell professional products, but that's all apart from the OSNS (one stop nail shops).

Anyone else selling professional Creative products in the UK is doing so without permission from CND.

I do get my products from OSNS locally to me (so obviously a very reputable source), but I think I will have to put this down to back experience (and money) and just purchase my products from Leeds from now on.

I have used the solar nail powder with retention + liquid and not experienced any problems,
it wont contaminate your brush hun,
this was my concern when i got it but Gigi told me it would be fine and as ever she was right lol
personally I dont think its a matter if it works or not you ordered what you wanted and for a company to send you something else act like its not a big deal and tell you to use it anyway its ok is just not acceptable. If I order something I want what I ordered. Now if they called said hey ---- is out of stock we have ----- would you like to go with that then okay i changed my order and send me option #2. me, i would send it back and get a credit on my account and go through another company, but thats just me.
The issue is not whether or not the solarnail powders will WORK with Retention+, but rather that its not the RECOMMENDED usage- you won't get the best results from this pairing, as you would using perfect color powders with this particular monomer.

And I agree with Becca, shame on the poor customer service skills telling YOU how you should spend your hard earned cash because they were too lazy to treat you properly! BOO!

Make them fix it, want me to call them for you? ;)
Thanks Heather

I'll pop by the OSNS next week and get them to exchange it - its not like to me to get phobbed off so easily - nevermind.
i think that supplier was very rude

the point is that item you received is not what you ordered

insist they exchange or give you a refund

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