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Oct 28, 2010
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Hello there
I am qualified in Beauty Therapy but have never trained in eyelash extensions. I agreed yesterday to be a model for my friend. She is a fab beautican. I had my lashes tinted before the lashes were put on. It took hours but they do look great and very natural!


Today the outer corner of my right eye is so raw and raw and sore. My eyes have also been watering loads today and stinging. I have just soaked the corner of my eyes with a wet cotton bud and that helped with the burning for a few minutes but now they are back to being sore.

Any1 know what i can put on them, baring in mind its near my eyes!
And has any one else had this problem?

I dont usually have a problem with tint but i cant see it being the lashes as they dont have any contact with my skin at all.

Any help would be much appreciated, i have tryied contact my friend but cant get hold of her and i need to stop the pain in the mean time!

sounds like the lashes may be on or to close to your skin. I'd get her to check, and if this is the case take them off with the solution she has for removal xx
Hiya, did your friend patch test you for the glue or the tint for that matter? Hopefully you were patch tested 24/48 hours before your lashes were put on. If you were patch tested and there were no allergies it really does sound like the lash may be to close to the lash line and touching the skin, in which case get your friend to remove those ones.

If you werent patch tested you could be having a reaction to either the tint or the extension glue, if you are having a reaction you need to get your friend to remove the lashes ASAP then if they are still raw and sore get yourself to the docs :cry: Sorry xxxx

oooh you could try a bit of sudacrem, I use that for everything will def sooth them for the time being but you really need to get them sorted. xx
Thanks for the replies.

I use the same make of tint for myself and never had any problems.

She didnt patch test me for the eyelashes as she said they are not coming in contact with the skin!

The only sore bit is the outer corner which is red and burning

I didnt really want to have to soak them off while they are still sore, is it likely that they will calm down?

my eye conrer is on fire!

my eye conrer is on fire!

Can you lift the lid and see how close the extension is to the lash line? If it is touching then it needs to come off, get some sudacrem and put a dab on the corner of the eye that will calm it down. It is a must must must to always patch test the glue, whether it be by putting a lash on the outer corner 24/48 hours before application or skin testing the glue, her insurance company wont cover her if she hasnt patch tested and this could very well be a reaction.

Check in the mirror to see how close it is to your lash line, if it is so close that its touching the skin then it needs to come off, the natural lash wont be able to grow also that will negate what she said about the glue coming into contact with your skin. Let me know what you see xx
I have lifted my top lashes up and none of them have been fixed anywhere near the lash line. I just dont understand it. My lash line isnt sore at all, just this particular corner and just on one eye.

Just had a look. i dont have any sudocrem but i have germaline and savlon??
is it possible u have an eye infection maybe and this has just aggravated it?

or do you remember her tugging on any of your lashes with the tweezers? perhaps the eyepads annoyed them?xx
she did apply tape to fix my lower lashes down and it was like sellotape when she removed it!

I dont think i have an infection, i have had no problems up until this.

Thanks for your replies, really appreciate it. Its worrying when it involves your eye.

Could it have been when she wiped away the tint?

She did tug at a few of them but none near there

I wouldn't apply any of the creams mentioned here so near to the eye. But if you have any antihistamines...such as tablets for hayfever...they will calm it down.
I have just had sore eyes for the past fortnight. Have no extensions on nor had eyelash tint but I did rinse my hair colour off without protecting my eyes. :-/
So I have experienced the same stinging, itching, burning of the skin around my eyes ...and my eyes were extremely bloodshot. Not at the time but starting a day later.
I don't think it is the lashes. There is no evidence of this. May have been something that happened with the tint. Mine has finally got better and better. Dr gave me eyedrops that made it worse. Looked like a devil next morning. Lol
So eventually I just relied on lots of Vit C (this will calm reactions) regularly throughout the day and now and again the hayfever tabs. One a day.
I found that dabbing the skin to keep it dry with a clean handkerchief was the best thing to do.
You have my sympathy.

Sorry after proof reading my post it is confusing. I meant I don't think it is the lashes with you. Think it may be the tint.

Thank you for your reply Linda.

Would you keep the lashes on?

I have bathed the area in cold water and that helped loads. It just looks like i've burnt it and hurts to blink :irked: Its not my eye, its the skin around it.

What a nightmare!
Go to your doctor or a and e and let them have a look at it. X
at the very least go and see the pharmacist at the chemist!
I wonder if it may have been the tape? My lovely partner let me put lashes on him when I was practicing. He had a little chafe at the outer corner of his eye and I finally came to the conclusion that it was the way the tape had been positioned. (He also later told me he had an allergy to surgical tape but hadn't wanted to say) - Bless.

I think that the tape was fine where it was placed flat, along the lower lid. But the edge of it must have been rubbing right at the outer corner.

The skin there is so fine and delicate and the edge of the tape is slightly rigid so can rub, almost creating a little paper cut.
Poor u i do lash perfect lashes and there is no need to patch test as the lashes do not touch the eye i have just had a client who has had the same problem today and i called lash perfect today, i was told to apply vaseline to ur eye lids and take anti allergy tabs if still the same 2 days go to ur local chemist or doctor. I do also wear them and get sore eye balls blood shot for 24hrs !! but love em sad i know ! now it ghas happened to a client of mine i am seriously thinking of changing to a different glue as the lash perfect glue has many fumes which can cause this if the client is very sensitive.

Hope this helps and you are feeling better :)
Kate xx

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