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Aug 16, 2003
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I am planning to do a Creative Spa Manicure/Ped course in a week or two. Just to convince me, can anybody who may have done one recently confirm that it is a good course and that (despite having done manicures for about a year) I will learn lots and properly ....... my original training left (I think) a few things to be desired :-(

I notice that both subjecys are covered in one day but I imagine that is long enough ??

Will be looking at going to Salisbury.

Dee xx
Hi there Dee :p Welcome to the board! hee hee! Feels weird saying that to someone when I've not been here long myself!!!

Anyway to reply to your post: I had the same experience with my manicure course which I completed at college in July. There seems to be soooo much they don't tell you and it leaves you a bit flumuxed! I've not be on the mani course with Creative but I have started using their products, particularly the spa mani and scentsations! They are loooooovely :tongue: I've found that since looking at this board there has been a wealth of answers to my frequent questions and if thats anything to go by then I can highly recommend the courses for your mani and pedi with Creative. :goal:

Besides you can't learn everrrrything all at once! I'm sure others will agree that you learn more once you get cracking with it. I've learned so much more in the last few weeks than I did at college. Even if you feel once doing the courses that you still want more then you've only to ask on here and someone will come to your aid!!

Have fun and enjoy those courses!

Tamm :sunny:
i have done the spa mani and pedi courses at salisbury :D they do not teach you how to manicure/pedicure they show you how to use the products properly and the right order to use them in and whats in the products .so really you need to know how to manicure before you do it .but it is a lovely day with lovely products
Hiya, I also did the spa mani/pedi course at salisbury and it is a fab day and the products are lovely. It is more a product knowledge course, but I believe they do a manicure course which goes really in depth into the biology side of things. The spa products are great and my clients love them!
Hi Dee, I did the spa mani/pedi in July at Leeds - it was a really interesting and enjoyable day and we all came away very enthuastic - hope you enjoy it as much as we did
HELP !! ..........

I'm a little confused ............ I asked Creative about their manicure course and was reccomended to do this one. Now however it seems that it's a 'product' course. So, if this about their products and is called a manicure/pedicure course ....................... er, what do they call the manicure course and how do I get information about it as the only thing I recieved from them was the one I mentioned ........ if that makes sense :)

Dee xx
The creative spa day although very product orientated will show you how to use the products as well as how to massage them into the skin too. It is a wonderful day and I would highly recommend it.
There isn`t any anatomy or Physiology involved but if you`ve already done a course then you could revise what you need on that side of it with a good book
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