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Do-it-all Deb

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Apr 18, 2004
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I have just bought the spa manicure kit and watched the video. I am having the training in September (no time until then!)

My question is, I have heated mitts but not paraffin wax. Does it work to put the hands in the mitts after the exfoliation or is this not moisturising enough without the wax? It seems silly just to wrap in warm wet towels when I have the mitts to use.

Any suggestions or variations on the theme, so that I can do the mani without the wax (until I've earn't enough to pay for a heater!)

I would use your mits, pop the hands in your plastice bags (i use perm caps! really cheap!) and leave them for 5 mins
I would certainly use your mits. I was taught to do the massage after exfoliating, then for a lovely deep oil treatment i would spray the hands with my"Cuccio anti oxidant rapeseed oil hand treatment" then put them in the mits for about 6 minutes. Good treatment for anyone with dry skin or rhuematism in their hands. Very relaxing.
Of course use your mits!!

What you need to do is to supply a source of heat! It doesn't matter if you use mits, wax, hot towels etc. Ther are many alternatives.
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