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May 17, 2003
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Just want to make myself feel better! Does anyone else spend too much on products etc, I seem to start off with a small list of items, then it progresses into the most huge list of credit card crushing stuff I can find!!

I know when you start off it's expensive but does it ever get any better, do you get better at shopping as you get more experienced? Started off with a £100 bill at Creative with my list when I actually got off the phone I had spent £350 (ouch that hurts just typing it). Just spent another £30 on leaflets today, hoping to get some money back.

Would love to hear that I am not the only spend thrift here!

Divas Nails
All I can say is that I am in this business because I love it and not because I am a business woman. All I do is spend loads on products. As fast as I earn it I spend it on more products
i have to say even though i am new to this i could easily buy everything in the book it gets quite addictive but its ace so who cares (except the bank manager)
... that the larger amounts of product you buy (ie 64oz v 4oz) - is definitely cheaper in the long run!! I once decided to work out the cost of our tips from the old 40pk sampler to a 360 tray! :shock: I honestly can't remember off the top of my head the difference BUT it was huge - buy larger less frequently than small all the time - that is SMART shopping :queen: !!! Hope I've helped ;)
hi ya...yes i know the shopping bug......i did 2 courses in same week at creative a few weeks ago and spent over £600 on both days in products......nitemare, phoned up for a brush the other day, bill ended up at £171...i order ickle bits here and there.......ive not made a single penny profit yet....thatll have to change when i get in own salon...."sorry guys cant pay u, need some stuff from creative"...lol
luckily i ordered £270 worth of stuff from ibd yesterday and credit card wasnt having it.......lol...im glad though as ive read some msg today that said it lifts alot......phew, someone up there was thinking of me...... ;)
In my first two years I spent more than I made, then the third year I made more than I spent...lol...now thank goodness the margin keeps getting bigger!

I buy it large lol
Solar oil got the nice large round bottle, but then when nearly empty got the refill.........
if at all possible I buy the Salon sizes not the retail sizes...........

Even tho I am a sole trader and work on a smaller scale then say a huge nailbar, I still have stock control and make my orders on a monthly basis, unless there is something I urgently need.

Well I love my profession with a passion , but I am a business woman too,so saving penny's makes me pounds...................
Those savings help me to further my career i.e. I can use this for education, books aso.

Like Holly,In the first year i just about broke even, but in the second year saw some pennies stay in the bank lol
But it is so addictive , specially when new stuff comes out, but then the money is there to do that now and again.
Just my 2 pennies worth on this
love Ruth xxxxx
I've been doing nails now for about 8 months and for the first 6 or so I was spending a fortune on products and training :( What didn't help was that I took my total technician course with Star Nails doing their gel and then did a conversion workshop to acrylic. Had no luck with any of these products :( :( and therefore bought another £300 kit off Bio Sculpture which followed with loads of extras to buy when I did the training day :rolleyes: and now I'm waiting to be able to start doing courses with Creative! So, will be spending a fortune again once the new training starts. Bought a load of airbrush products at the last exhibition but can't afford to pay anyone to train me just yet - never mind finding it hard to take the time to practice on top of everything else! :(

Because I have another full time job too I not only find I'm spending a fortune learning nails but am using a load of my holiday leave on training! Anyways, hope it'll all be worthwhile for all of us newbie nail technicians in the long run when we're making da big bucks!!!! ;) ;)
This sounds exactly like me at this very moment. As I was reading this I tought to myself, WOW someone was reading my mind.

I hope my second year pays off, for my sake. My hubby is being really patient at the momemt. But I don't know for how much longer. lol

My problem is finding the "perfect" file and buffer. Just tried the "girlfriend" from Creative. I don't think I like it either. So I must buy, buy, and buy more................ to find the "perfect" file. A never ending battle.
hi ya, i love the kanga and koala from creative but i too im not keen on the girlfriend...have u tried the kanga and koala? ;)
Hi All
I'm with Mrs Geek on this one buy big, I have only been doing nails for 5 months and soon worked out when running low on something i bought the biggest size they had, I have saved myself loads doing it this way
liquid 100ml 14.92
liquid 1ltr 69.40 saving over £70

powder 40gm 12.50
powder 660gm 90.21 saving over £100

So I'm just hoping i will be making money soon :p

Nice to now I'm not the only one, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop though when I get going.

Restrain is in order and buy large!!

Thanks Guys :D

Divas Nails
What a great post! I'm so pleased I'm not alone with my spending!!! My income has been zero so far, and I keep racking up my credit card! Hopefully, that will start to change come August when I finish my training.

I had a break between clients today and i was so desperate for files, was down to my last 2 :shock:

So i made the 20 min drive and was planning on spending $20 on some files and a few buffers. Just a quick trip for what i was out of.

Well half an hour in my supply shop and im walking out the door $150 poorer lol i just cant help myself, i see some new files they have in so i have to have one, well may as well get 10 seeing as im here lol , i see the new colours they have and im like ooooooooo i have to try that one , and then oh gosh!! in the corner they have more new colours!!! and then on the way to the check out OMG look on that shelf!! those tips look so pretty!! ooooooo the rindstones!! lol oh and then i should get some cuticle oil while im here and maybe a few new dishes and some nail polish remover .

I need someone with a rope outside the door to pull me out when i have what i planned to go and get lol

But i did see this nail polish on the site that Laystar posted and OMG those colours are amazing , they are called shimmer , I wrote to them to ask if they have a distributor here in Australia, but no :( and said the postage would work out incredibly expensive :(

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me or maybe know of someone in Australia that might stock these?

Kerrie :)
I find shopping for nail products incredibly addictive! I have been much better lately though, I have talked myself out of going to the distributors on those impulse buys. Kind of like dieting (I find an analogy that works for everything :D )

So now what I plan to do is keep a list of items I need, and go only once or twice a month. It works for me in the grocery store so hopefully it will work as I'm crusing the Creative aisles!
Well I'm so glad to read I'm not alone when it comes to spending. :D
Just started out and still learning alot of new things and one of them is to control my spending. :)
I bring my partner along with me if I need to get some new stuf, but because he dose'nt know that much he keeps showing me things incase I need them and then has a heart attack at the checkout when he see the total bill :shock: He is better with money then I'am and hasmade it his business to learn what products and stuf is needed. so I just tell him what I want and thats all he'll let me walk out with. if I do see something new he drags me away and make me think about it and if I do need it and will I use it, he's the one that goes back in for it after a day or two:D
So can I join the club on overspending when we really don't have to?
meckleberry said:
Just tried the "girlfriend" from Creative. I don't think I like it either. .

Wow Misty - you are seriously the first person I have ever talked to who didn't like the Girlfriend!! Don't get me wrong, it's totally cool; it's just that you can acheive such a shine with your finish - hope you're not trying to blend in tips with it :D Anyway each to our own - hope you find the perfect abrasive one day :thumbsup:
I absolutely love the girlfriend buffer. When I first started the foundation course I didn`t have one, I just had the small buffer that come with the kit. I bought one on my last day and boy, do I wish I`d had it sooner. I think its an absolute must and I have tried loads in the last few years. All I can say is, it don`t ever want to be out of stock......
I have seen a few knock-offs of the Girlfriend around my area and borrowed one from a friend to try out....she likes the fact it costs half the price but as far as I'm concerned, you get what you pay for. And it doesn't squeak the same as the girlfriend either :(
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