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Sep 10, 2003
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Hi guys

Need your advice - 3 weeks ago I had a client who telephoned my after having her nails done a her local salon - she told me she was VERY unhappy with the service and the way her nails look.

When I turned up I took one look at the nails and made the decision to soak them off......1hour or so later they were perfectly soaked off but i noticed that her natural nail had been filed so much it looked very thin. also on her two index fingers and 1 thumb they were split right in the middle.

I used lots of scrub fresh to make sure the area is clean and i did not touch her natural nail with a file. I also used a Formation tip as they have a bigger contact area. - she was VERY pleased with the service i gave her and booked up til Xmas.

I returned the other day to do a rebalance but decided to to take the index finger and thumb enhancement off to see if her split nails were ok - but they were still split but a bit longer - she informed me that they were not sore - how can we fix these nails. - she wants me to put a whole new set on her in 3 weeks as she has her Xmas party and she want glitter and rhinestones but i am worried about these split nails.

She thinks i am a good technician and really takes my advice.

Can anyone help me!!????

Well. love. you can't make the split go away ... it'll just have to grow out and that will take time.

Just watch through the product, the progress of growth, don't keep soaking off to 'see' ... this will not do them any good at all.

If you've just done her nails I can't see why she would need another full set for christmas? I would not advise soaking off again to do this. Just do your maintenance and paint them pretty for the holidays.
Can I jump in and ask a question regarding split nail treatment (without enhancements)

I have just had my sister on the phone & picking my brains about her husbands nails .......... apparently he has a split from the free edge which has now travelled the length of his nail right up to the cuticle. He keeps his nails short & does not work with harsh chemicals (just harsh people LOL ...... he is a policeman) but as such his hands are constantly exposed to the elements and his hobbies include mountain biking & climbing so he is out in all weathers.

So far I have explained to her that its going to take time to grow it out & that the dryness & brittleness of the nail needs to be addressed. As she has copious amounts of almond oil at home at present I have suggested that he massage this into the cuticle/matrix area daily, keep the nail short to avoid snagging it & correct filing of course.

Have I done the right thing?
Put a fabric wrap over the split.............
.............. prep the nail.....Sanitize it.........then put a fabric overlay on the nail.............. no one will ever know..........then the split will grow out..... solar oil it daily to encourage healthy nail growth........

love Ruth xxxxxx
Thanks for the suggestion Ruth but I cant ............ I am not trained in any enhancement procedures. Plus there's the fact that even if I was he wont go for it. I did think about sending him to someone in his area for that sort of treatment but its just toooooooo much messing for his liking ...... men!! LOL

So, as you can see, my dilemma is ......... I have to teach him to sort this nail naturally.

I did this on my hubby, bless him xxxxxxxxxxx

But yes if he is not having any off that wrap stuff on his nails, then Solar oil is then the best bet....but if it snaggs it migh rip further......... so he migh want to consider a plaster lol...as rips like this have a tendency to curl a little..................
A wrap would be invisible,but a plaster would get sympathy votes lol.......

love Ruth xxxxxxx
Thanks Ruth ........ Solar Oil & elastoplast it is then (the "low tech" approach LOL)

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