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Oct 12, 2006
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Hi all.

I was just wondering what technique you all use to spray tan. I have found doing the legs a bit tricky. Do any of you spray the client twice to make sure no area is missed? I was taught to have the gun set to spray vertically but was considering changing to horizontally for the legs to avoid vertical stripes!

Maybe someone could go through the technique they feel give best results?

p.s. i was tantrick trained and have just bought a new machine (shadez). The machine has 3 settings, i.e. low, medium and high. Do any of you use this machine and can advise what setting is best for what area. I presume the low would be best for the face.

Thank you in advance for your replies:lol:

Sharon x
I do:
  • The back (get client to put hands in front of them to avoid tanned palms)
  • Back of arms
  • back of legs
  • side of arm, side of body side of leg
  • other side
  • under boobs
  • spray the shoulder and boobs (as if you are spraying a bra on,so the chest is not sprayed)
  • belly (get client to put hands behind them)
  • front of arms
  • front of legs
  • feet
  • hands
  • face
(hope i havent missed a bit out)

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I have the same machine and love it! weezie taught me a few tricks about getting the setting right, so i use it on medium. i dont change the setting for the face, and have done loads of successful tans already! follow g5's routine, as thats pretty much the same as I do it and you wont go far wrong!
Thanks for your replies.

When you say you spray the front of legs. Do you ask the client to lift leg to side when they are facing you to reach the inside?
I do the front, then get them to tilt the leg out to the side to get the inner thigh and leg done.


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