Spray Tanning When Pregnant


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Oct 22, 2008
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wonder if anyone can help

Just found out I am pregnant (yay!! So chuffed!), must only be about 4 weeks though - not been to see midwife yet.

However... will I still be able to go out and about spray tanning? The mother in law was saying last night I should stop lifting any heavy things straight away. So how am I meant to get my suitcase (with spray mchine etc in it) in and out of the car? Surely if I am careful and take my time I should be ok? I only do spray tans in evenings so Iwould have to be lifting it too often, and if someones house or flat has stairs I could get them to carry it up? Or is that even allowed for insurance or whatever?

i have mine in a holdall with wheels, so very little lifting there.
Mines also very light anyway i think.
As for lifting into car, personally if you feel like your fine doing it then dont worry too much just yet, just make sure you lift properly to avoid hurting yourself.
You can always re-evaluate as you get bigger.
With lifting things in pregnancy, you need to be careful as you are more likely to injure yourself with a sprain or something if your not careful, it doesnt cause harm for the baby though.

Congratulations!! :hug:

I asked the doc the very same thing when i was about 4 months pregnant,
he basically said youre not disabled,youre pregnant, your body will tell you when you cant do any more,
I had bad siatic nerves,sickness for 8 months,pre-eclampsia ,hyperemesis and a load of other rubbish things,and still worked, i guess thst because i love what i do,and look at it more as a hobby that makes me money,lol!
But i do believe everybody is different,
good luck,and take care!
Kate x

p.s if you havent already check out babycentre.com
its fab, really helped me whilst i was pregnant,and even now : )
Thanks for all your replies!

Chocolatepickle - I did read that lifting heavy things could do more harm to the mum than the baby, however i also read that someone knew someone who had a miscarriage because of heavy lifting?

I guess the best person to ask would be midwife when I have my appointment! Just impatient and want to know everything NOW lol. :)

Endless - thanks, just registered with babycentre! Its fab! Lots of useful info!

To be honest, I would be more worried about overspray and inhilation of tanning products. Make sure you work with good extraction, etc.

Good luck!

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