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Dec 16, 2009
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We have 2 staff in the salon - 2 only hairdressers at the moment (trying to recruit now but standard of applicants is awful). They keep on calling in sick - it is ruining the business.

Any advice? I'm sure one of them is partying hence sick with hangovers, and the other is working at home :irked:

I'm absolutely dreading December - and I should be looking forward to it because its supposed to be our money making month :(
Im sorry to hear about your situation, it might be a good idea to conduct staff appraisals this will give you an opportunity to talk to your staff properly and you can discuss with them their continuing absences, it may also be advisable to administer a new policy for example if you ring in sick more than 3 times in the year you wont be paid from then onwards for the days you are off sick. If they are not getting paid this will give them an incentive to come in when they are hungover or if they are working from home if they are not getting paid in the salon they are more likely to come in and do this work after salon hours.
Hope you get this issue sorted out.
were my friend works if you call in ill you loose all that MONTHS (OMG i cant think of the next word- were the employee gets a percentage of all the treatments they do and products) i hope u know what i mean! lol

that might make them get there bums out of bed!
commission! i remembered!
hope you get it sorted!
Have you thought about looking into finding someone who is self employed?
Then it is in their interest to come in or they don't earn any money, you don't have to worry about sick pay or holiday pay etc.
The down side is that they are their own boss and if they feel like not coming in that day then there is noone to make them.
There are pros and cons!!
Good luck though! xx
This must be so frustrating for you.

Some companies need a doctors note when staff have days off sick, would this be something you could do?

I think what studio tracker said is a good idea, to introduce staff appraisels. x:hug:x
Unfortunately you can self certify for 5 days before even going to a doctor, so dont think requesting a doctors note for a few days sick is a viable option. Not only that surely its a waste of a GP's valuable time when they have really sick people to see.

anne xx
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Thanks for the advice guys.
I am considering asking one particular staff member for a sick note - however she is only working part time so its not like she's missing consecutive days off work so its more difficult.
I have thought about someone self employed also - obviously I would be losing out alot on sales.
Yes they already work on commission - 12.5 % plus basic. I would feel very cruel to say that they'd lose their commission - I suppose its important to toughen up.

I just want to come up with something really good to scare them out of missing out days around christmas time!
I know in January they will want more hours, so maybe I will say that if they don't work majority of their hours in December I will be looking for new staff in January, or maybe the person that doesn't miss any time will get preference over extra hours in January.
This must be so frustrating for you.

Some companies need a doctors note when staff have days off sick, would this be something you could do?

I do know of some companies that require a doctor's note immediately on being off sick. The doctors' practice near me charge a lot of money for that privilege - (this is before the self certification time is up). I'm not sure that it can be legally enforced either.
I've worked in places where managers always conduct "return to work interviews" whenever anyone was sick. When you went back after sickness you sat down with your manager, went over what had been wrong, whether you'd gone to the doctor, whether you were ok to carry on your duties effectively now you were back etc. The formality of it did make people think twice before sickies - it's easier to lie on the phone and slip back into work the next day or whatever with no questions asked - than it is to do it to someone's face and go into detail.

Where I work now you have to ring in each day of illness and speak to the HR manager - not just text a mate or whatever.

Some places offer a bonus when you don't go over a certain number of days sick. It's hard though - it's not fair that employers should have to reward employees for not taking sickies!! x
Horrible though these meetings are, I would arrange one with each member of staff. Go through your concerns with them & issue an official verbal warning.

Don't know the employment laws for Ireland but over here we can get rid of anyone within the first 12 months of employment.

If unreasonable sickness still continues, you may need to think about getting rid & employ someone who actually WANTS a job. (sorry, just re-read your post & you are trying to recruit).

They're probably only getting away with their behaviour because you're unwittingly allowing it.

It's a tough job sometimes being the boss!
I sympathize with you completely, we are lucky at the moment but I think we have all been through it at some time or other. I agree with Sarah a formal meeting is needed. Back to work interviews are a good idea, as mentioned above, documenting reason for sickness, what day of the week it is, period of sickness etc. Often you start to see a pattern. Set out what you believe to be reasonable and explain they will face disciplinary action, possibly dismissal, if they exceed this. Perhaps to soften the blow you could offer a small bonus for anyone not taking sick days, if you can't afford to pay extra, maybe products, treatment or a half day when you're not busy.
Good luck.

I work in a hairdressers in dublin and it has always been 3 days after that you need a doctors note,this has been the case anywhere i have worked.
I would sit down with them and add up how many sick days they have each and tell them it can not go on as the business is suffering and you will have to let them go if it keeps happening this might be enough to scare them into thinking about ringing in again,also they should ring not text before 9 o clock.
Remember this is your business and you pay them.

Good Luck
Ps im looking for a new job hehe
Thanks guys. I will be holding meetings from now on and taking note of days missed.

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