still learning, is it ok to do clients at home?


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Jan 2, 2007
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About as far South as you can get!
Hi guys

I've just started my NVQ L2 hairdressing 2nd yr and it seems that a few of the girls in my class have been doing hair form home over the summer break.

Is this ok? Can I start getting a client base built up even though I'm not fully qualified?

Thanks in advance :hug:

Sarah. xx
An indication would be if you can get insurance, if you can then yes it is ok but make sure to register with the inland revenue so you can pay tax on your earnings.
Thanks Weezie, I thought that would be the case. My Guild insurance is up for renewal at the end of the month, I'll give them a call and see if this is something I can do and add on. I'm not entirely sure that the others in my class are covered by insurance though :eek:

Sarah. xx
this is the best time to start builing your clients during your summer break and fitting in around college, this was so important to me inbetween my levels having people to work on.
sort your insurance out, tax etc , make sure you skin test each client at home before a colour etc...:hug:
just remember that you'll still want these people to be your clients when your qualified so don't sell your self short just because your training - ie if you charge clients £8 for a cut and blow dry because your at college and you hike it up when your qualified your clients might walk!
I did my first leaflets the evening after I learnt my first haircut! Lots of practice is always good.
Thanks girls :)
I had my first barbering lesson tonight, I hope it gets better! :eek:
Where abouts down south are you located sadie? Xx
Hi Roughcuts

I'm in Gosport, not far from you by the look of things :)

No I'm not far from you, just the other side of Fareham :) xx
I would say it is ok to work from home, practice makes perfect! x
Thanks girls :)

I cut my husbands and daughters hair last night and they went well. Although I have been cutting them for quite some time, instead of just clippering my husband like he usually wants, I clippered around the sides and blended it in with scissors on top. It didn't look much different but then it is only a grade 3 ish :lol:

My daughter has curly/very wavy mid shoulder blade lenth hair and I took about an inch off all over. It actually looked good even after I straightened it :lol:

I advertised on FB to my friends that as I was entering into my 2nd year NVQ2 I needed clients to practice on, either at my home or at college on a Wednesday evening and I have four takers so far for cuts & colours :green:. Just have to get my insurance sorted (by end of next week) and I'll be sorted!

I told them there would be a charge as I had to cover time and costs and you get charged at the college too.


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