Striper brushes or brush and pen in one?


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Aug 5, 2004
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East Sussex
What would people recommend for nail art - the single striper brushes, or the ones that are a brush and pen in one?
It's a bit of a toss-up between the Nubar Spring Fling collection (pen and brush in one) or Flexbrush Pastel collection... Does anyone have experience of both? I've used pens before, but admittedly only the Boots 17 brand and found that they weren't that useable - the flow was hard to control so it was a bit blobby - not exactly what you'd call good for fine detail, so I was leaning towards the striper ones, which are also then less money, but any advice would be good! I'm looking to spoil myself with a little stash of nail art goodies (class reunion coming up and I don't particularly want to go so got to wow them somehow!) and I've already picked out some Moodies, but not sure which others to pick..
Also anyone tried the pre-cut masks from the nail art section of to know if they're anyone good? My animal-print work is pretty good, but I could do with a helping hand with flowers....
Lol x
i didnt get on with my pens i prefer using my striper paint brush and acrylic paint xx
Hi there.....I've been doing nail art for about 2yrs now and to be honest I have not really used the pen/brush paints much...I prefer the striper brushes and use the dotter tool for dots/flowers etc....BUt a lot of my classmates at college were big fans of the pen...although they always used to say that they could never do any nice, delicate designs....
Will post some piccies of nail art I have done soon....HTH


I use a tiny paintbrush and acrylic!
It works well for me and it so much cheaper too!

I've sent a trade enquiry to Millennium Nails as I read some posts that recommends their pen&brush... They're only £2.99 retail, I think, so not too bad an investment if it all goes wrong. I'd buy them retail price, to be honest, but you can't seem to be able to add individual colours - it just has 'Nail Art Pen, 76 Colours' and no option to pick a shade... am I being dense?
Lol x
have you tried looking on e-bay? seen loads of sets of these pens on there really reasonable and lots have 'buy it now' prices - sure that you can choose your own colours too! hth x
hi watch those ones on e bay as some of those pens can leak and clog up all the time u never get any nubar pens on there well i never see them xx

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