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Jan 12, 2004
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Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Hi all

Is anybody off to see the demo in Leeds tomorrow?

I have never been to Leeds before (well, truthfully I have never driven on the motorway before, I know, I'm pants!) so have decided to take the train to have a bit of a relax and have a bit of champers too!

Would be nice to see some fellow geeks, I'm going for the 1.30 demo.

Thanks muchly
Ill be there. ;)
ME TOO ,,,,,just for a change Sam will you be able to show us sculpting with brisa please ,preaty please
sorry missed my full stop. i meant ill be there just for a change. cant miss them
I would love to go... I usually work in leeds on a monday and i could've had a good scive to go... however im on bloody jury service in newcastle... Damn! my sculpting is dodgy too - could've done with the training... never mind... the naughty boys and girls need me to decide their fate!!!!
i'll be there :biggrin:
I'm going to the 6.30pm demo tonight.
Can't wait !!!
See you all there if you r going.
you didnt let us down Sam, thanks for the Brisa dem too. Hope you managed to do Samathas nails for her dont give her chance to pick. You dint tell us about the next monday demo or did I miss. You are going to do more i hope. anyway Thanks again you have certainly helped me loads, right back to the first one to one when i couldnt stop shaking.
wish i was going, are these demos something that happen a lot, i have been on a few training courses and booked on my brisa course 19 th of may (can't wait). but i have never been to a demo.
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