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Aug 28, 2010
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Hi there, My names Rebecca and ive just recently started as a mobile nail technician.
Ive spent a total of 9 hours doin my partners mums and his sisters acrylic nails! (took me that long as i wanted to do the best job possible for them!) Both of them have now had them taken off and re done at a salon as they "didnt like them!" and to top it all off my patners mums sisters just come to visit today and his mums taken her to the salon without even mentioning it to me!! Now my partner thinks that i am bein silly for getting upset over this so i would like it if people would give me there opinion on it all? Am i being over the top?? Should i just let it go? Please advise me :cry: xxx
Hi Rebecca

I completely understand why you're upset. Its not nice when you give something your best effort and its not appreciated! I have a friend who used to pick her nails off in traffic because she was bored :irked:

Did you find out what they didnt like about them? It could be something that could help you in the future or it could be that they have no idea what a good set of nails are supposed to look like :green:
Did you charge them?
My experience is that when you don't they just don't appriciate it. Also around here they seem to think that if the natural nails are not ripped to shreds with an e-file and the end result isn't thick then the nails can't possibly be any good and won't stay on:rolleyes:
Yes I'd be pead of but I've learned to let it go. My sil has had her natural nails mangeled for so long that they now grow in a very deformed manner.
But it's her choice. If she wants nails done in 45 minutes and doesn't care that her nails grow at odd angles hook under and have thick ridges running through them then that's down to her.
But when your family come back to you (normally because they are broke) remember to tell them, you can fit them in, next week and charge them full price before you do the work:lol:

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