Switching from Eyelash Emporium Glue to Flirties


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May 17, 2011
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Dear geeks

Ive had countless number of problems with Ultra Platinum Eyelash Emporium glue now so ive given up and decided to Switch.

From reading threads on here Flirties seems to be the best one, is this correct or can anyone recommend another good one?

Thanks in advance all

I too have had multiple problems and complaints from clients when I used Ultra Platinum Eyelash Emporium glue.

I brought up my issues with them directly at a beauty show and they did not care AT ALL! I was told that they would contact me after the show. They didn't.

Will never use this glue again!
I use Flirties-I love it, my clients love it. I have had no problems at all with it xh
I used to use Flirties which is a lovely glue but I switched to Lash Revolution and its a brilliant glue!!! I love it! Would highly recommend it and the customer service I got was great too!:D
Flirties adhesive is fab there is the original and the expert strength which is slightly fumey as with all the faster setting adhesives. Abx flex is very similar to the Flirties I like this too and also the lash revolution is good too best thing is to try them
And find one that suits yourself and your clients

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