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Apr 24, 2009
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Does anybody have any good advertising slogans or status' to use on Facebook and Twitter? Would love to know as mobile business is slow at the min xxxx
My Fridays are known as fake tan Friday. I do a tanning offer on a Friday. I'm full every Friday with spray tans x
Steph what offers do you normally do on a Friday?
I do a full body tan for £10. I use crazy angel spray tan So I am baking a profit. I start at 10am and finish at 7pm and I'm non stop with tans. I usually charge £15 for a full body. But Friday's everyone wants there tan for the Saturday. It's a crazy day! Lol I love Fridays x
Loving the sound of fake tan Friday! I want to be concentrating more on the tanning side of things as this is what I love and it's quite easy ! So would love to know offers and if anyone else has got something different to offer xxxxxx
Ooh love this! but do you find your slow for tans the rest of the week??
I have just bought a new solution to try but I am sticking with my current solution also. I charge £20 at the moment but it's just dead! Looking to spice things up a little. I do all beauty treatments so does any of you include a free treatment if you book or money off ? xxxxxx
Yeah I also work a Tuesday and Wednesday and don't really have tans booked in on these days but it gives me time to do all other treatments which works for me. My room is quite small so I have to move my bed and nail table to get my tent up so Fridays are good for me cause I'm not taking it up and down all the time lol x
How about Orange Wednesday? XD haha just kidding! I like fake tan Friday! :) X
Thursday and fri are my busiest nights (I do tanning in the evening only, due to kids) so I wouldn't do a deal on those days but I found I have never had a booking on Monday evenings, so last week I started 'Monday Madness' which is basically buy one get one free. I normally charge £20 for a single tan, now on Monday's 2 friends can have a tan for just £10 each. Had 2 bookings straight away for last Monday, 1 from someone I had sprayed before and the other was a totally new customer. Have not re-advertised for this Monday as don't actually have a tent right now. But will be back up and running from Thursday hopefully!

I hate the thought of doing tan's for just £10 but the way I looked at it was this is extra - those people wouldn't have booked if I didn't do that offer so it's all good.
I also have an offer called fake tan Friday ! Tans are a bit slow at my salon and my solution 1/2gallon needs using up before it goes off ! It has gone down a storm at £15.00 for the month of June . Love getting all the tans in on one day as the tent cant stay up all the time .
I was thinking of doing 'Tan-tilizing Tuesdays' as Tuesdays are my slow days.. Not sure what deal I would do though? Probably 2 tans for $30? Or $15 tans, as I charge $20/tan normally. Love 'fake tan Friday' though! :p

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